Original Iwihub.com transcript. Transcriber: Zane Maser, proofread by Hilda Soon

The Secret Work of the Original “25” 2/6
1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
by Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 153A

  pdf-49pxTape 153A The Secret Work of the Original 25

Now, from the beginning of the message of The Infinite Way, The Infinite Way and Joel Goldsmith have been synonymous.  Every bit of the work has been carried on by Joel Goldsmith.  Every activity has been financed through the consciousness of Joel Goldsmith.  All of the writing, all of the publishing, all of the this, that, and the other things and Joel Goldsmith has not only not asked for financial aid but any other kind of aid, spiritual or anything else.

Now comes a new era.  You who have been identified with this work as students for the last five to ten years, you who have been identified with the public ministry of The Infinite Way, you are now being asked by me to identify yourselves in your own consciousness as a part of The Infinite Way activity—to recognize yourself as a part of it and to realize this that doesn’t mean merely making your own demonstration of your support in your hometown.  It means of identifying yourself with a world activity to which you owe your spiritual wisdom, prayer, support—spiritual, mental, moral, financial.  In other words, you have accepted this as a way of life.  You have identified yourself publically with it.  Now, unite with me, and let us face this entire situation together and realize that it’s too big now for Joel Goldsmith to wander around the world alone.  It’s too big for Joel Goldsmith now to have to do all the metaphysical work for sixty cities, for sixty groups that are meeting in sixty cities, or a hundred groups meeting in sixty cities.  It’s too much for Joel Goldsmith to do all the metaphysical work, and all the praying for all of the literature, and all of the letters, and all of the tape recordings, and all of the things.

Now, the time has come for somebody to unite and say look, this is no longer your Infinite Way.  This is our Infinite Way and no longer feel that you are twenty separate people.  You are now a part of a oneness and a wholeness called The Infinite Way and begin to recognize your responsibility as that.  Heretofore, you have been responsible only for what happened in Calgary, and you for what happened in Washington, D.C., and you for what happened in Louisville, Kentucky, and you for what happened in Victoria, B.C.  But that can’t be anymore.  That’s just a lot of separate people making individual demonstrations, but The Infinite Way is beyond that.  The Infinite Way is now a world activity.  And you may operate in one city temporarily, but you are not localized in that city; and it’s going to become necessary for you to do as much metaphysical work for Cape Town, South Africa, as it is for your hometown.

It is going to be as much a part of your duty and obligation to do spiritual work everyday for Joel Goldsmith, as it is for your own individual self or your child.  I have been doing it for you.  That you know.  I have helped you to, through spiritual means, to get organized in your cities, and your communities, and in your work.  Now, you have to do it for me and yet not for me, for The Infinite Way, as if I weren’t even on earth, because The Infinite Way will be here when I’m no longer visible; but it will be visible as you and then in its turn your children, or your students, or those who are now your patients.

Yes, it has been told to me that I will not be able to travel all around the world forever and that may be true, but that doesn’t mean that traveling around the world isn’t going to continue to be necessary.  It’s going to become more necessary.  And when you stop to think that The Infinite Way… well, just let me rehearse a little for you.  The new edition of “The Infinite Way” in America, I think, it’s the seventh edition, and in England it’s the third edition.  That makes ten editions of “The Infinite Way” between America and England.  “Living the Infinite Way” is in its second, getting ready for its third.  “Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture” has just come out, I think, in its seventh printing.  Already there are, in addition to American and British editions, there are, there’s a seventh printing.  There are translations in Dutch and in German for those countries and in process right now Swedish and Spanish, and where it will end nobody knows.

Now, all of you have wondered why I don’t come to Cleveland, or Detroit, or Chicago, or San Francisco, or Kansas City, but I suppose you can realize now what my dilemma is, having all the cities of the United States, and Canada, and England, and Sweden, and Holland, and South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.  I can’t be in all of them at one time.  I can’t even be in all of them one at a time, because there’s too many to make the rounds of, even if I came once in three years and never went home.

Now, it must be clear to you that the day is coming when some of our students must be prepared to carry this message forward, to get into this work in one way or another, and in order to do that you not only have to know the letter of Truth perfectly so that you never mislead anyone as to what the message of The Infinite Way is, but you have to live so deeply in the Spirit that the Spirit will draw to you everything necessary for your unfoldment.  And so, from that standpoint, you’re going to be asked today—you are being asked—to live more closely attuned to Spirit than you ever have in your lives before, because greater demands are going to be made upon you.

Some of you here know that I spoke on the radio in Chicago and that a record was set that has never before or since been equaled and that the opportunity was given me to go on television and radio and that I refused.  Now, do you know why?  Because had I just mentioned once that we are a healing ministry, I would have had more requests for healing than I could take care of; and I had not sufficient students prepared to jump in and do healing work so that I could have said, “Good, divide these requests for help up among twenty five or fifty of you,” because I didn’t have twenty five or fifty capable of jumping in and doing healing work on a sufficient basis to be assured that they could do it.  And you know that in this work, healing work is a decoy.  Everybody believes they need healing and want healing.  That isn’t true.  They want God, and so when they come to us seeking healing and supply, we say to them, “Silver and gold have I none; such as I have give I unto thee, which is the Word of God or Spirit, Truth”.  And so our work really is turning their requests for healing into spiritual Consciousness.

Well, from the sale of the writings and the possibility that radio may be ahead of us, I can say to you that we need workers, consecrated workers, people who are willing to leave their nets, leave the world, and live inside.  You don’t have to neglect your families.  You don’t have to run away from them or desert them.  You don’t have to give up your family obligations or duties.  You have to perform those things for Caesar that Caesar demands, but you must resolve within yourself that part of your consciousness which must be reserved for the Spirit, and you must be ready to break enough with your social obligations and so forth to be prepared to meet the spiritual demands that are made upon you.

And so, this is in the nature of telling you that you who have been identified with the work must, first of all, be prepared for greater demands being made upon you.  Even some of the healing work today that comes to me through the mail, I can’t take care of, and I’m referring them to those teachers or practitioners in the local field.  Wherever I have any assurance that there is someone capable of healing, I am referring my calls to those.  The others I can’t, until I have some assurance that when they’re called upon they will be able to respond, because I will then be turning someone over for bread that may be given a stone.  And so, I do not recommend any of our workers, until I have some way of having an assurance that they have left the world enough to be able to do healing work.  All right, that’s that.