1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
154A  – The Nature and Activity of The Infinite Way 6/6

I would like that when you are doing your … having your tape recording meetings or any other type of meeting, that part of your preparation be the study of one or two or three of the Wisdoms—that when you go into a recording or any other type of meeting, that you read one or two or three. If you feel led to do as I did this morning, and enlarge upon them, do so. If you don’t, just read them and leave them alone to operate in the consciousness of the student. Because even without explanation, if they’re read often enough, the meaning will unfold within the individual.

But sometimes some of these are seemingly so contradictory to what we know that a little explanation might be helpful. As for instance this morning, Begin your spiritual life with the understanding that all conflicts must be settled within your own consciousness. There are times when you will feel led to explain that, and say, “We know that you are up against a nasty mother-in-law, but don’t try to correct your mother-in-law. Let’s see if we can’t find the correction within you.” And give a lesson in how that can be done, as it was worked out this morning.

And so it is … here is one that is a very difficult thing. I know that. These weren’t given me in the early stages. They’re difficult. When living out from the center of being, you are untouched by the thoughts, opinions, laws, and theories of the world. Nothing acts upon you, since you do not react to the world of appearances. And you know that’s a difficult one. And what does it mean? It means actually, when you have lost your fear of persons and conditions; when you are at the center of your being and have had the “click,” and you realize, “Oh, just think, the Spirit of God is pouring through me, that guarantees the eternality of my life. That guarantees my supply. That guarantees my human relationships.” Then at that moment the whole world could be hating you and calling you dead, but it could never touch your consciousness.

Now you’re living out from the center of your being, and the center of your being is the bread, the meat, the wine, the water, and the spiritual armor. All of that flowing from the center of your being, so how could anything come nigh your dwelling place? So it wouldn’t make any difference whether thoughts were thrown at you, or bullets or bombs, or poisoned food, it would not come nigh thy dwelling place. It may be necessary to explain that, because this is just concentrated dynamite in its present form.

Now here is one that’s almost an impossibility for your students to understand. In a spiritual life, you place no labels on the world. You do not judge as to good or evil, sick or well, rich or poor. While appearances may show forth harmony and discord, by not judging, you merely know Is. And let that which truly is, define itself. Well now, I’m sure that you’re not going to find one student in a hundred to understand that, and so the day is going to come when you will have to explain, in the spiritual life, you place no labels on the world. All right? Is this a good hand or a bad hand? And there you have the answer. It’s neither good nor bad—it’s just a hand. And if it has any qualities, I must invest it with qualities. If it’s to pet, I must do the petting. If it’s to punch, I must do the punching. If it is to be generous in giving, I must do that. If it is to be tight and withholding, I must do that. There’s no use saying the hand is that. Do you see?

Is a rose beautiful? No it isn’t. There never has been a beautiful rose. A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, we read in poetry. A rose is just a rose. As a matter of fact, to some people a rose is very evil, because it causes rose fever, and to other it’s very beautiful, and to other it is very colorful, and to some it is very full of perfume. But a person without a sense of smell, it has no perfume. The person who’s colorblind, it is not colorful. Do you see that? So that the rose, in and of itself may not be called good, bad, or indifferent. It is called a rose. Then it cannot react on you.

Then you can say, but you are the law unto the rose. You are the beauty unto the rose. You are the color, the grace, and the perfume unto the rose, because in and of itself, it is nothing. All right, you get a call and your patient says, “I went to the bathroom and swallowed a bottle of poison instead of a bottle of castor oil.” And immediately you say, “Is that bad? Is that bad? Well is it good? No, it isn’t good. Well if it isn’t good, it isn’t bad. What is it? It’s nothing but a bottle of something, and that’s all it is. But it has no qualities. It has no action of its own. It has no power of its own. It isn’t a cause of anything. Therefore it cannot be an effect,” and you have nothingized it, and it won’t be many minutes till you get a call, “It’s out of my system.” Do you see that?

Why? Because you put no label on it, good or evil. Do you see that? You have got to go all up and down every object and experience of life as it comes before you, and realize, “Oh, now I know. This person isn’t good and this person isn’t bad. This is just a person. I invest them with whatever qualities they possess, and I is God.” Do you see that? If you think “I,” Joel, invest them, then of course Joel has the right to give them good or give them evil qualities. But if you say I, you’ve taken all power away from Joel, the same as you’ve taken all power away from the object itself. Do you see that?

If I say, Joel has the power to move this hand, Joel can pet, or Joel can punch. But if I say I have all power, there’s neither a good action or a bad; there’s only a spiritual one. Do you see that? Now just think what you have to do with one of these paragraphs. One paragraph like that can take a whole year before it is worked out so thoroughly that you are able to look out at this world and say, “Oh, it just is.” Not it is good, not it is bad, it just is. Any quality it has isn’t a quality of it; it’s a quality of I. Well you just watch as you spend weeks and months working with that what happens in your world.

To live spiritually is to know that all is. Then do not name, label, define, or judge what is. That was put to a very practical use when a lady came to me in Hollywood with a husband who was an alcoholic, and he had gotten to the point where he was spending all of his time in bed, except twice a week that he got up to go down and buy liquor, with her money. And she was getting to the point of impatience, because with not only supporting herself and him, but supporting his whiskey appetite, there was just nothing left of her whole week’s labor. And so she came to me to see if there were any help.

And I sat and I listened. It’s an old story, but there’s a different answer to every story. You can’t just jump and use yesterday’s manna. Every time a case like that comes, or any other case, you have to sit patiently as if you had never heard it before, and wait for God to give the answer—and I did. And what God said was, “You know, it isn’t your husband who’s alcoholic. It’s you and me.”


“Yeah. You see, you came here hating that whiskey, and you almost got me doing it too.” But I said, “Let’s see this. Has whiskey any power?”

“Well certainly.”

“Well then, what becomes of our God that is the only power, and the all power?”


“Yes, the way I see it, if God is the all power, whiskey has no power. Now is your husband suffering from a belief that whiskey is a bad power? No, if he had that belief he wouldn’t touch it. He’s suffering from the belief that it’s a good power. He needs it. He wants it. He desires it. To him it’s good. To you it’s evil. Now we’re both confused, aren’t we?”

Then I said, “Let us see this. Let us not hate that alcohol. If your husband wanted that many bottles of Coca Cola you’d tell him to go out and buy it, and you’d bless him. But you don’t feel that way toward whiskey, because you think Coca Cola is all right, but whiskey is bad. Now suppose you turn around and let him have all the whiskey he wants, because if it has no power, what do you care? Costs a little more? Well you love him. That’s why you’re sticking with him, so buy him what he wants. Make him happy.”

Well, it was kind of revolutionary to that lady, and at first she couldn’t see it, but before she left the office she caught this: that whiskey just is, that it isn’t good and it isn’t bad. It just is, but we give it power. He gave it power for good, and we gave it power for evil. And five days later, that man said to his wife, “You know, there’s no use drinking this stuff. They’re making war whiskey now.” And that was that.

So you will find that in almost all the cases you have to meet, you yourself are fearing the condition as much as the patient. You’re fearing it. You’re as eager to get rid of it as they are. And the solution lies ultimately in the realization that it might exist as an “it,” but it hasn’t any powers or qualities or activities or laws, because I am the only law.