1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
154A  – The Nature and Activity of The Infinite Way 5/6

A master is a servant of everyone on earth who is seeking spiritual good. They’re a servant in time, in effort, and labor. They have to heal the sick, raise the dead, they have to feed the hungry; they have to share everything they’ve got. They have to sit up nights with them. They have to teach them morning, noon, and night. and you’ll find that the only thing they’re master over is just about nothing.

They are servants to all who come to them. And no person can take care of a student body except by serving it. Not by bossing it, and not by being a leader over it, and not by being a dictator. Nobody can be a master, or a teacher to a spiritual group, except by being their servant. Being willing to do everything within their power for the good of those seeking the good.

So don’t be in too much of a hurry to be a master, and don’t be in too much of a hurry to be a leader; but let the master and let the leader be the Christ of your own consciousness. Also, “Illumination has no ritual or rule.” Well, in the ten years that we’re in existence, we haven’t yet formulated one single rule for anybody’s conduct. Now we have never yet formulated one bit of ritual for any purpose at all. Try to think of that, that in ten years, you have never witnessed a sign of a ritual, nor have you ever been given a rule.

The only thing that has been shown you is the principle of healing, and the principle of spiritual living, but never have you been asked to live up to any rules. Never have you been asked to go through any form of ritual. Watch that; how this has all been fulfilled; something that came ten years out of time. “Illumination has no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit.” Never have you witnessed the worship of person, of object, of thing, of anything beyond Spirit Itself.

Now “This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint, the only rule that we have is whatever us given to you from within, from your own soul. Therefore we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits; a divine service to God without ceremony or creed.” Never has that been changed in the ten years since this work is in existence. That’s why I wanted you to see that this work is not the work of man. It has followed out the exact pattern of this paragraph that was given us in 1937, ten years, nine years before the book was written. And then just think how this next sentence puts the capstone on our morning class. “The illumined walk without fear, by grace.” Do you see that?

Now the next step is, of course, in recognizing that to keep on—maintain your own freedom, maintain your own identity. Unite with us spiritually, but don’t ever permit anybody to come along under any guise, under any promise or under any threat and organize you into a material relationship. Because it isn’t for your spiritual good. It’s far better to make mistakes and suffer a bit under spiritual freedom than it is to avoid some of the things through organization.

One of the things is this. As an organization you could get legal protection, so that, oh, you’d find a lot of benefits in organized activities. You could have titles, and if the patient passed on and you were called to court, you’d just have to show your degree from the organization, and you’d be absolved. Whereas this way you might have to explain to the coroner about prayer. You could get, I think, forty percent discounts from the railroads in traveling. And lots of human benefits could come through a legal organization.

But in this way, you are compelled to place your complete reliance on your spiritual consciousness. And we have witnessed in our ten years of work that not a single soul has ever gotten in trouble through this work. Not a single soul has ever had a difficulty through this work. And probably it’s because we don’t foist it on the public and try to make them accept it. We sit back and let only those be led to us who seek us.

I have told some of you before, one of my very happiest thoughts is that in all these years, the Christian Science movement has never once objected to our work, or fought it, or done anything about it. Some local branch churches have, merely in their zeal and lack of knowledge, but headquarters never have. And when anyone writes to them for information about Goldsmith or The Infinite Way, they write back that Mr. Goldsmith is no longer a member of the Mother Church, and that his books are not authorized literature, which is absolute truth. And that’s as far as they have gone to my knowledge, because many, many people have written me what answers have come to them, and so forth and so on.

Sometimes, when they withdraw from the movement, they will receive a letter saying that if they would like help or guidance, or to see wherein they have failed, it will be offered them. But everything in a cooperative spirit, in a good spirit. And why? Because that’s the spirit they’ve met from us: love, understanding, gratitude for Mrs. Eddy’s work, gratitude for the Board of Directors’ work. The Board of Directors have a hard time governing a quarter of a million people, and they cannot make rules for you or me. They have to make them for the masses. And some of those are insulting to our intelligence. But we have to suffer it for the sake of the masses.

And so it is that I have watched them in Boston for ten years, and I can tell you that they do a magnificent job, a wonderful job, with adverse circumstances meeting them every single day in the week. And though a lot of things we might not do as they do, nevertheless, they are guided by their prayers. They are guided by their intuition. And knowing that about them, I appreciate their work. I appreciate the difficulties that they have, and I can excuse the faults or blunders that they have. And evidently they have been just as liberal in their attitude toward me.

But so it will be with all of us. As long as we don’t attack anything or anybody, we will not be attacked. And we have no reason to attack anyone, for we understand that whatever anyone does, even if it’s robbing a bank, they’re doing out of their present highest sense of right, and so forth and so on.

Now I said this morning that these “Wisdoms of The Infinite Way” came over a period of two or possibly three years, and they came in little driblets. And they came not through conscious thought, but usually by being awakened out of night and having them unfold. And so it is that each one of them conveys a message, although usually two or three come very close together, and therefore have some united thought behind them.