1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
154A  – The Nature and Activity of The Infinite Way 3/6

If you come looking to me, it’ll be across this way, and it’ll all be in the realm of the intellect, and you’ll miss the point. But if you make your contact at home, before you come to the class, and realize, “No, I don’t want to be taught of man. I want to be taught of God. If man is to be an instrument for it, that’s fine, but that’s all. I want to be taught of God. I want direct contact with God. I want to be illumined, not by man—but by God.” Then you come in that expectancy that God is to talk to you, and you’ll find that if the man doesn’t get to the platform, you just sit there and your message will come to you directly, within yourself.

The whole secret of this work is the same. Never give a patient a treatment until you’re in the Spirit, because your treatment … oh, I won’t say it has no value. It has some, because you are always to some degree in the Spirit, if you’re this far along in the work. But the real depth of the treatment, and more especially if it’s a serious thing, don’t be too expectant of it except in proportion as the word you speak is spoken from the Spirit, the same mind that raised up Jesus Christ from the dead will quicken also your mortal body.

Now remember that, it isn’t my mind or yours; it’s the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. If you are not in that mind, don’t expect a result. It is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that enabled us to raise up this man at the Temple Gate Beautiful. Therefore it couldn’t have been John and Peter. It was the God. But supposing John and Peter didn’t have God. Then there would have been no raising up. Well as human beings, none of us have God. That’s what makes us human beings, is that we’re cut off from God. The moment we begin to have God contact, in that degree we are no longer human beings. We are pure spiritual being.

Now as pure spiritual being, any word that you utter will not return unto you void. It will do that whereunto it is sent. So never give your treatment until you are in the Spirit. If you are beginning your day at home, don’t start out writing letters to your patients. Don’t start out giving treatments to your patients. Don’t start out trying to help your patients. Give those first hours to yourself. Get yourself established in the Spirit. Let your patients wait.

It may seem cruel to remind you of this, but when Jesus went away for forty days, a lot of people died and had pains, and he paid no attention to it whatsoever. He could have stayed down there and helped some of them, or saved some of them, but he just let them go about being sick and dying, if they wanted, because he had business on a mountaintop, establishing himself in God. Then, it says, when he came down to the valleys he healed the multitudes. Only after he came down from the mountaintop.

So it is with us. As human beings, no matter how much zeal you have, no matter how much love you have for mankind; don’t think you’re going to benefit them. Not very greatly. You’re going to benefit in proportion as you are in the Spirit, and the Spirit is speaking through you.

Now, if you will disregard even the mail that comes in, or the people who telephone to you for help … disregard them, let them alone. If they have to die in that hour, well that’s their demonstration. They should have been taking more care of spiritualizing themselves before they got to that point. But don’t you sacrifice your demonstration by trying humanly to do something you won’t succeed in anyhow. You get your first hour alone with God.

Get yourself into the Spirit. Be immersed in the Spirit. Be sure that the Spirit is talking through you. Be sure that you are permeated with an inner glow, a feeling of Immanuel, God-with-us. “I live, yet not I, Christ. I have all this work to do today, people to be healed to sense, and so forth, but thank God I don’t have to do it now. The Spirit of God is upon me, and I can comfort the sick and heal the weary, and visit those that are in prison, and so forth and so on.” I can do that, why? Because the Spirit of God is upon me.

But don’t think you can do it without that. You can’t. You can be a philanthropist, you can be a do-gooder, you can go to the hospital and bring candies and fruit, but you cannot lift up the material thought, the sick thought, the weary thought, unless you are in the Spirit, and the Spirit of God is working in and through you. Then you can say, The Spirit of God is upon me, and I was sent to comfort the comfortless, to visit the widow, to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry. I was sent to heal the sick, raise the dead, open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf. And the Spirit of God is upon me, and I can do it. But don’t do it without.

In the same way, don’t go to a class and think that you are going to benefit anyone by what you know of truth, because you’re not. You can only benefit them if you are in the Spirit, and that Spirit working through you lifts them up. That is why the greatest healings are accomplished when you do not even know that any healings are going on, when the Spirit is working through you and doing its work without any conscious thought or direction on your part.

When you are dwelling in the secret place of the most High, and the Spirit is upon you, you could just walk up and down the streets and people would get well, those who were receptive. They would get well. Whereas you could walk up and down, consciously directing your thought at them and just antagonize them. So remember that for all who are actively engaged in this work, whether they are teaching or healing, lecturing, or whether they are conducting a tape recording meeting, or whether they are writing or correcting a manuscript, or typing out a manuscript; remember, the human work is of very little value. We can hire all that done for dollars.

And there’s no need then to burden our students by asking those things of them, because it’s so easy to hire somebody to do it. But even the typing of our manuscripts, taking them off the tapes where necessary, or conducting tape meetings, is not a human task. When a person does them in the Spirit, whatever correction is necessary comes to light. Whatever error is in them comes to light. Whatever needs to be changed comes to light.

And if you were doing nothing more than sitting at a tape recorder here, and watching it while students listened in, and you were in the Spirit, they would get more of the message than if you were just sitting there leaving it as a matter between the recorder and the patient. Do you see that? Everything that we do must be done as if in the Spirit. Then whatever we do is correctly done.

Now this is a subject that I’m coming to, that I have never talked about, because I have never had a group like this before. This is the first time. This is the first week that a group like this has ever been together as united Infinite Way workers. And what I’m going to say has nothing to do with the public, has nothing to do with those who are reading the books, because first of all they may not believe. And secondly, if they did it would make no difference. They wouldn’t understand.