1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
154A  – The Nature and Activity of The Infinite Way 2/6

Now you cannot any more tune in to me personally, than I can tune in to your room over my telephone directly. I have to go to “central” to reach your room. And you cannot tune in to me except through mental telepathy. You can do it through mental telepathy—it’s a very unsatisfactory thing, and it has no spiritual value. But otherwise, you have no right to tune in to me, because I have a right to my own mind and use of it, without anybody cutting in and interfering with it. But you can tune in to me any time you like, by first centering your realization in God.

Then you will find that my state of consciousness will answer you. And the reason is, God is my consciousness. So when you are tuned in to God, you are tuned in to my consciousness, because that is my consciousness. Even though down lower there is a thinking level, nevertheless, to me it is only an instrument for speech, or hearing, or writing, and so forth. Above it, beyond it, is my consciousness, to which I am always in tune, and which is always there.

Some of you have seen in class that unconsciously at times, I’ll turn like that, and then all of a sudden the flow will begin again. I don’t realize I’m doing it at that moment, but it is, because that’s where it comes from, from that higher consciousness, and then it is stepped down through the human mind in speech. Sometimes when you ask for help, I answer you personally, and sometimes by mail, and as you well know, I have offended lots of people that way, without knowing that I had even said anything or written anything that should have given offense.

Their question brought the answer out of divine consciousness. So far as I was concerned, there was nothing personal about it. It was something flowing through, and my mind and my hands were used to convey the message. But if you’d asked me what the message was, five minutes later, I would not have known. And that is why very often people will say, “You wrote me on such and such a day.” I wish you’d repeat what I wrote, because I have no recollection of it.

Now it is the same way, you can reach the consciousness of Jesus Christ, if you like, but first tune in to God and then the moment you have tuned in to God, then comes the realization that that same mind is the mind of Christ Jesus, and you’ll be in touch with Christ Jesus. It may be like this lady. It may take you three days to achieve it, but you will achieve it.

Never try to go in a treatment direct to your patient. That is why we never use the name of a person. You were taught, those of you who came through Christian Science, that if you addressed your patient by name, they would respond more quickly. That is true in mental treatment or mental telepathy, or mental suggestion, which that form of treatment is. Nothing to it. There’s no God in it. There’s no Spirit in it. It is all mental suggestion.

But in this, you never, never touch the thought of your patient; unless you first have reached God. Then, when you reach God, and know that you’re in tune with the infinite, then if you like, you can say, “Well now Mary Jones, what are you going to do about it?” Or, “This is the truth about you.” Or, “Now you are set free through this truth.” It isn’t that it’s necessary to do it, but you can do it, because you are first in tune with God, and God then establishes the contact with them, or it is established.

In the same way, never believe for a moment that the truth you know is going to heal anybody, until you receive the “click.” The truth you know up to that minute is merely to help you to be lifted into spiritual awareness. Now, after you’re in it, the words that I speak are life eternal. They never return void, if you speak them when you are in the Spirit. Then if you’d like to say to your patient, “Rise, pick up your bed and walk,” or if you’d like to say to your patient, “Fear has no power. You are set free in Christ.” Or, if you’d like to say to your patient, “Well Mary, you’re in good hands now.” Anything that you would like to say after you’re in the Spirit is the word of God, and it’s flowing from God, through you, and through the patient.

But don’t think for minute that that same message would have any power before you’ve made your contact. None whatsoever. You might just as well sit here and read to a room full of people, and one would get it, and one wouldn’t, and one would know it intellectually, and one wouldn’t even hear that you said it. Whereas if I establish … and here probably was the beginning of my work—if I establish myself in God before I go on the platform, I am in tune with the consciousness of every individual sitting in my audience.

But they are not all receptive to spiritual things, so they don’t all get it. And some are less receptive than others, and they get less. The ones who themselves are the highest spiritually attuned, get most out of the meetings. Do you see that? It is just like Saturday night. Without any question of doubt, last Saturday night was about the most, if you can use the word dynamic, it was about the most dynamic message I can ever remember having spoken. How it ever came out in a lecture instead of a class, I don’t know. I have no control over it—it just came.

Now there were people in that room, I know now, who were stirred by it, who got it, who caught the significance of it, and benefited by it. And I know from reports that have come to me from people, that they heard nothing except the fact that I told them they ought to die. So you see, I hadn’t reached those who weren’t ready for the message. You can’t reach those, because you are going across this way, and you have no background. You have nothing in common. You have no meeting ground.

But those who are attuned in the Spirit will catch it. In the same way, during this class week, probably most of the people in the classes this week are aware of the fact that they have received a very powerful message and truth, as it has been seldom voiced, if ever. But I can assure you that there are some there who are still arguing, just as after my spending nearly an hour on “ask and receive, and ask and receive,” someone came to me and said, “But he also said desire. Then is it wrong to desire an automobile instead of ask for it?” I mean there’s no way to reach that kind of a thought. Do you see that?

But let me tell you that there would be no way to reach any of you with a spiritual message if I were talking to you as men and women. The only way I can reach you is if I first make my contact with God. Some of you will remember in other classes, where I’ve said please do not come to the class expecting to get something from me. Right? I’ve said that in many classes. Don’t … I have nothing to give you, to tell you the truth, and I can’t give it to you. Come here expecting from God, and then even if I don’t voice it correctly, you’ll receive it correctly, because you’ll receive it on the inner plane from God.