1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
154A  – The Nature and Activity of The Infinite Way 1/6

Good afternoon.

In the light of this morning’s class, it’s interesting to read this paragraph in The Infinite Way: “Spiritual illumination reveals that we are not mortals, not even humans, but that we are pure spiritual beings, divine consciousness, Self sustaining light, all-inclusive mind. This light destroys the illusions of personal sense.” You see, that paragraph sums up the entire lesson of this morning. Because if we accept ourselves as pure consciousness, then fear disappears, which is the basis of all the discords that we can ever know.

There’s no fear of the death of divine life. There’s no fear of disease. There’s no fear of lack or limitation in the divine life. So that, when any sense of fear would appear, it would be a fear for that selfhood which doesn’t exist. And remembering that would be the treatment. Remembering that, would be the prayer. The very moment we sense fear in ourselves or another, we could ask that question, “What’s the fear about?”

As a matter of fact, even if we felt no fear in the person or ourselves, the mere fact that they had asked for help, or speak of pain, or speak of unemployment or homelessness, or having no companion, that could be the very first thought in our mind: Ah ha! Here’s a fear of a selfhood that doesn’t exist, and that would be the treatment. Many and many a time when I’m called upon to help, the only thing that comes into my thought is the word “fear,” and then I laugh to myself and I say, “thank you,” and that ends it, because there is nothing … there is really nothing to fear.

And going back to Mrs. Eddy’s writings, you’ll notice that under treatment, she says you only have to handle fear. But the point is this, and this is a point you must remember; we’re not dealing with your fear or the fear of a patient. Don’t ever try to heal fear in a patient. Don’t ever try to get rid of fear in yourself. Personalizing fear is just the same as personalizing good. Fear is not yours or mine. Fear was on earth before we were. Fear will be on earth as long as there is one person believing they’re a human being.

So never be concerned about getting rid of your patient’s fear. Don’t handle fear for your patient. Don’t handle it for yourself. Just handle it as a universal claim, just the same as if you caught a man stealing, you don’t call him a thief, because he isn’t. It’s the claim of lack, or the claim of fear, or the claim of a selfhood apart from God. The man is but an instrument through which it is being expressed.

The same thing, and this is probably one of the greatest differences in the work of The Infinite Way to any other metaphysical work, that never, never do we seek to correct an individual, any more than we would seek to improve them or heal them. Our effort is in destroying a universal sense, and the moment we’ve destroyed that, the individual who is hooked into us receives the benefit. The rest of the world doesn’t, but that individual does. And so it is, never think that it’s your patient’s fear of their life that we have to handle. Otherwise you’ll never meet the situation. Never think that it’s your patient’s false appetites that you have to deal with. Never believe that it’s your patient’s pain you have to deal with. Never.

That is why, first of all, you never need to know the name of a patient or what they’re suffering from, whether it’s sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation. As a matter of fact, that’s why you don’t have to receive the call from your patient. They could cable you, or telephone when you are out, and still get the same help, if you were dwelling in the secret place of the most High. If you were continuously living in the realization that fear is the only evil on earth, and the fear is for a selfhood that would like to perpetuate itself, but which has no existence. If you were living in that all the time, anyone who mailed you a letter could begin to feel the benefit of it before it got into the mail box.

Now I can tell you this from experience that there are people who write to me and throw the letter in the wastebasket, and get their help. But they are the ones who have come far enough so that they know that my humanly knowing they are in trouble isn’t what benefits them. It’s this state of consciousness, and this state of consciousness is right where they are, because I am not confined to a body, any more than I am confined to a city. I am omnipresent, and anyone who reaches out to me will find me right where they are.

Now in practical experience, some get the benefits in healings, but there are some who have actually seen me in their presence talking to them, teaching them. And others have felt the influence coming from me, and in one case in Seattle, we had a lady come over for meditation, and wake up at four o’clock one morning, and saw me sitting on her bed. And she said, “Oh, I don’t want Joel. I want God.” And the voice came right back to her, “What’s the difference?” And that was the situation.

Now it isn’t that I extend myself or go out visiting. It is that I am God, and as you reach out to me, you’re not reaching out to a person with a brain … truly, but you are reaching out to a state of consciousness that in some measure has recognized that fear of personal selfhood is the cause of our discords. Now when you reach that state of consciousness, it’s like reaching a mathematician who knows that you want to know about two times two being four, or a music teacher who can tell you about do – re – mi.

And so it is; you are reaching not a person, but a state of consciousness enlightened to some degree on this point. And so you never have to reach my brain to get a benefit, any more than you have to reach my body. There’s no benefit in brain or body. On the spiritual path, the benefit is in one’s consciousness of truth. Now that is the reason that as we sit together in silence or meditation, that your patients at home can get the benefit of it, because they’re tuning in to you, and in tuning in to you, they’re not tuning in to you at all, but God.

I will illustrate that with a letter that came yesterday.

“Never have I wanted anything so much as to attend these classes you are having. So when I finally realized it wasn’t possible, the next thing to do is to be with you during your hours. Joel, the first two days I sat there, and really it was a complete blank. I couldn’t become aware of a thing. During those days I sat in meditation many times, and still the same effect, until I became a little discouraged and thought perhaps it was a good thing I wasn’t able to attend the classes, because I wasn’t ready. That is one thing I have always held to, was that I must be ready before I have a class. Well on the third day after my discouraged feeling, I became a little numb to everything, and seemed to take the day as it came. I went about doing things I had neglected to do the two days previous. It was in the afternoon I felt a little weary, and decided to sit down. Through habit, I sat in a meditation position, and all of a sudden I felt a tremendous peace. My whole body seemed to be lifted, and all I could hear was, I am the Lord thy God. Then I sat quietly and lost all thought. When suddenly I realized I was trying to tune into Joel, and forgot God. From that moment on, I have felt quite peaceful, and have not tried to seek for anything, because it is only the infinite withinness that knows all.”

Do you see that?