1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
153B – Christ Realized 6/6

Also you must remember that many have pet religious theories, and some have pet metaphysical theories, and they come to this work and find they’ve been all wrong all their lives, and they won’t admit it, and so they start arguing. And of course, they’re bound to get hit with that. If they could just roll with it. If they could be like a babe, and accept “Well I didn’t know, but now I know.” But no, the ego wants to stand up and say, “I learned this way, and this way’s right, and you can’t tell me this.”

There are other people, can accept it, but the upset in them in having to give up, or having to realize that they were wrong. For instance, you learn in this work that “I” is God, and heretofore, you thought that I was a man. You didn’t know that man meant body, and the man of you is your body. That’s the manifestation. That’s the man. It is your body that is the image and likeness of the you that you are. And that’s why it’s the image and likeness of your present state of consciousness. Oh, you thought you were man. No, how can I be man? I can only be God. There is no I that was a man. I is the Father, and I is the Son, but I is God. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me. And very often, that upsets people.

Well I’d like you to know of an almost a riot that took place one night in Ernest Holmes’ center in Los Angeles, when the whole building was jam packed full of people, and why God did it, I’ll never know, but He opened my mouth for the opening words, and I said, “Of course you know thought isn’t power.” Now it’s a horrible thing, in a temple that’s dedicated to the power of thought. Well, there were a couple of ladies waiting for me when that meeting was over, and believe me they collared me. “What do you mean by that. We’ve come all the way from New York to California to learn about the power of thought, and you start off saying there is no power in thought.”

So you can see how upsetting one of our classes can be. Some of our students tell me often that I shock people. They think I like it. As a matter of fact, I don’t shock them knowingly or consciously. The things that I’m telling you are no shock to me, and I don’t think of them as shocks to you. I think of them as truth coming out, but I do realize afterward that some of them are shocks. But they’re never sent, never given out for the purpose of shocking anyone. Never, never, never, because that would be a human activity. That wouldn’t be spiritual teaching. That would be a psychological way of teaching.

I never say anything with the thought of shocking anyone, but some of the things that come out are shocking, and you can tell it by the effects afterward. Do you see that? So, and that shouldn’t disturb you. Perfectly all right for people to be shocked. They either get over it or they don’t, and if they don’t, doesn’t make much difference. They have other lifetimes ahead of them in which to wake up. And if they do, so much the better. Now that takes care of reaction.

So we come to the body of our work. I know, I’m using up all your tape, and not getting anywhere. It’s a shame. Well we’ll get you some more tape.

There is no external thing or thought that will save the world, nor is there any teaching that will save the world. There is no teaching that even will save an individual. None. The greatest teaching that we know of that has ever reached this world, is the New Testament teaching of Jesus Christ. And it hasn’t saved the world. The world is far from saved. As a matter of fact, the people who are the greatest exponents of it are the least saved.

Now if the teaching of Jesus Christ won’t save anyone, be assured that nobody else’s teaching will. There is only one thing that will save the world and that is Christ. The Spirit of God introduced into human consciousness that is the only thing that will save the world. Many, many years ago, I learned in my practice, that nothing heals a patient; nothing that I tell them, nothing that I give them to read. Nothing heals them except when I get a realization within. Then they’re healed. I learned years ago that you could tell me I mustn’t lose my temper, and I could agree with you, but I still lost my temper.

And so I learned that you could tell people that they ought to be generous, and they ought to be loving, and they ought to be forgiving, and they ought to be patient. And they’d agree with you that they should, but they didn’t. Why? Nobody, nobody has the capacity to be other than they are. But if the Christ touches their consciousness, it transforms them. I have seen men in prison, bad men to human sense, so utterly transformed by Christ touching their consciousness, that they didn’t know themselves.

That is one of the reasons why this man is busy attacking me … minister. Because the prison … he’s in charge of all the eleven ministers that go to the prison, and the prison authorities have to tell him that his eleven ministers are accomplishing nothing among the men. Not healing any of them, not reforming any of them, not preventing their coming back to prison when they get out. Just accomplishing nothing. And why? Which is a very discouraging thing for a minister to hear, and more especially when he hears in the next breath, “But Mr. Goldsmith changes them the minute they meet him or read his books, and they’re never the same after that.”

And so you can imagine he’s had me banned from the prison. Certainly he has. Of course he has. Instead of coming to learn how, he’s had me banned, and so now he’s going to newspaper attacks. See that? The reason is this. Preaching sermons to men doesn’t reform them or change them. Reading Bible passages and telling them how Jesus was immaculately conceived, and how he died for your sins, that doesn’t change a man who’s stealing because he’s hungry, or stealing because he’s been accustomed to getting supply that way, or can’t earn enough. Preaching to people doesn’t heal them. You can’t do that.

The activity of the Christ, that touches an individual, transforms them. Haven’t you seen it over and over again, that businessmen that never in their lives thought a spiritual thought, have found some truth, and become spiritually-minded? Haven’t you seen women who, in all their lives were either good or bad ones, but when a spirit touched them, they were no longer good or bad. They were spiritual.

Well that is the secret of this world. Nobody is going to change this world from the front. Nobody is going to present a teaching that will save the world. Nobody is going to do that. Nobody. Here is Christian Science that has been proving for seventy-five years that you can grow better crops with their prayers, and here’s a minister right now setting out to prove it. He doesn’t have to prove it. He can go back to the old Christian Science Journals and Sentinels and find out that it’s been proved two generations ago. No, he’s going to start. Why?

No teaching is going to prove anything to anybody. But the activity of the Christ touching human consciousness is going to transform it. I have witnessed it with individual you, and you, and you, and many others in my experience, who have been touched by it, and whose lives have been changed.

Now, revelation says this to me, that when there is a band around this earth of students realizing Christ, that the rest of the world will be touched by that Christ, and be transformed, not from outside—from inside. They’ll wake up one day and say, “I think I ought to be better to my employees,” or “I think I ought to be more kind to my wife,” or “I think I ought to do more for my husband,” or “I ought to do more for my … I think I’ll increase my check to the Community Fund,” and all that will be happening from within themselves.

Yes, it’ll be happening because the Christ touched their human consciousness. Do you see that? And that is the revelation that has been given to me of the work that we are to do.