1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
153B – Christ Realized 5/6

Just as in the beginning of my work, I used to give an hour to all of my patients who were serious enough as to want to study and learn something. But I got too busy, and had to cut them down to a half hour, and fifteen minutes, and the first thing you know, I had to cut out all teaching except two or three people who just wouldn’t be put off. But for the rest, I had to give up all teaching, because I was too busy. It took four telephone lines to handle my calls, and a secretary answering my mail, and I had no time left over for teaching.

But then the first thing you know, I got to be a blotting paper for people’s ills. That was all. They’d call up on the phone; they’d get help; “thank you, I’ll send your check.” And I didn’t hear from them until they had another claim. And that was the place I was just before The Infinite Way.

The twelve months before The Infinite Way was produced, my daily average, seven days a week, was a hundred and thirty-five calls. Now you try to add that up, and you’ll find out there’s no room left for helping anybody to get spiritual, or learn spirituality, or teach them anything. Do you see that? But our function is not to measure success by numbers. If I wanted to measure success by numbers, we could have big, big numbers. In San Francisco, in a very short time, only weeks, our audiences ran from five hundred to a thousand people, seven days a week.

Some of you have seen the audiences in Seattle and in Portland, and you know how easy it would be to demonstrate numbers. This class could have been held in Chicago, instead of New York, and the amount of students in the classes would have been more than double what is here. Because in Chicago we have access to all those surrounding states, where we have tons of students that could have come in from Wisconsin, and Michigan, and Ohio, and Minnesota, and we would have had double the size classes that we have had here.

But numbers has never at any time influenced me, never. Numbers is not my interest. My interest is in one individual whose soul is open to the Christ. When I can have that, I’m happy. If I can have three, or four, or five students in my living room, you don’t know how happy I am, because the words just flow out, and they flow out such words as you never heard before, which can’t happen in a big roomful of people to whom such sacredness would be profane.

And so I’d rather have my … why, I don’t know when we last had work in Hawaii. We had that whole Kailua Series there just for about twenty people every day. And here were a hundred people in town, begging for a class, and we were having one every single day, and wouldn’t admit them. Just twenty people, or twenty-two, sat in every day on that Kailua class. I went to Chicago for that special Chicago and Seattle work, and we had twenty people, where a hundred people got insulted because we didn’t let them in.

Numbers don’t interest me. Souls interest me. One soul…two people. And so it must be with you. There must be no personal ambition. There must be no desire for big groups. If they come, let them come, but don’t have any desire for them. Have a desire for some soul to come and seek you out, whom you can open, to whom you can show the way. One soul, opened like that, is better than a hundred people who get physical healing. The others will get healed too, in their time, but it isn’t numbers, it isn’t amount of dollars. It isn’t that.

Radio would give us loads of numbers, wouldn’t it have Lorraine? All the people who were in Chicago saw what happened when I went on the radio. That’s not our aim. That’s not our ambition: not money, not dollars, not numbers; souls, individuals. And the reason for it is this … Of course that brings up too, the subject of competition.

Don’t be concerned how many Infinite Way students open up in your town. The more there are, the better. The more there are, because the public will come to hear one, they’ll come to hear another, and sometimes they’ll want to hear two, or they’ll want to hear three, and in the events, they’ll find their own base. It makes no difference how many there are in your town or my town. Matter of fact, it wouldn’t make any difference how many competitors, so-called, from other works came in if they were doing spiritual work. Because what difference does it make whether they come by way of The Infinite Way or the other way, as long as they come to the realization of God?

So never can a thought of competition enter our work. Never can a thought of dividing. We have had it here in New York where the feeling existed because there was more than one tape recorder. Why that’s stupid and nonsense; there are twelve million people here. Do you see that? There are a hundred and sixty million people in the United States. There’s enough for all the Christian Science churches, and Unity churches, and Infinite Way workers. Now that ends that.

So let me come … no, before I come to the main thing, let me come to the word reaction. In all of our class work, you will find that there are many forms of reaction. Mrs. Eddy used to call it chemicalization. At the end of my class in Johannesburg I went to Capetown, and when I got there, wires came down: twenty-two people were taken sick in one day that had been in the class; sick enough to go to bed. And they were all wondering, did they get up against a wrong teaching? Did they get hypnotized? What happened to them? Twenty-two people sick in bed, and not knowing why or what, which didn’t disturb me, because I knew the answer.

And this student who brought it to my attention, who was receiving these wires, said, “What do you think happened to them?” They didn’t think anything was wrong with the teaching, because they had been through the class, but that there might have been something wrong with these people.

And I said, “No. No, there’s nothing wrong with these people, just leave them alone.” And within two days, the letters started to come, “Now they feel fine. It’s just as if something was thrown out of their system, and now they are free. Now they’re newborn.”

Well now, let’s look at that situation right in the face. Two things are happening. Every human being in the world is sick, whether or not they know it. Every human being has something wrong with their body. They may not yet be aware of it. In many cases, you know what happens. You go along feeling you’re perfectly healthy, and then you read in the paper the next day they dropped dead, but didn’t know they had heart disease. And somebody else gets a pain, goes to a doctor, and learns they had cancer for ten years, but the pain just started now. It’s too late already.

Everybody humanly, has a sick body in one way or another. And when you come to a work of this kind, as intense as ours is, a lot of people get healings. And the healing consists of a mental upset that throws out of their mind whatever it was that was causing the ill. And that’s an overturning and overturning, until he come whose right it is. It is a chemicalization. Whenever we are sick, it is some false belief that’s been entertained in our thought, and that false belief being kicked out by this truth—sometimes violently.