1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith
153B – Christ Realized 4/6

But I also know what happens. I know one instance where one man has a following of thirty-five thousand people, and they receive a magazine every single month, and not one of them pays anything for it. It’s free. This man is so loving that thirty-five thousand people get their magazines free. And you know what’s worrying him, don’t you? When he is out to lecture, only about a thousand show up. Why should they go out of their homes, when he delivers them a nice free magazine to read in their homes and they don’t even have to pay the postage on it.

So that he knows right well that thirty-four thousand out of the thirty-five aren’t benefiting. Oh, they’re benefiting to the extent some of them are getting healings, but they’re making no spiritual progress. They’re not making enough spiritual progress to say thank you. Because they accept these things free. Where’s the gratitude? Where’s the thoughtfulness? Where’s loving thy neighbor as thyself in all of that? Do you see that? Because somebody’s paying for them. Oh sure somebody’s paying for them; some rich man here, and another rich man here. They’re paying for it, and the rest are leaning back, doing nothing except getting an occasional healing, and probably wondering why a lot of the stuff in the book isn’t true, because it doesn’t work. Well it doesn’t work, does it? You know that the work … even that’s in The Infinite Way, you know it doesn’t work. It only works if you make it work in your consciousness. If you are receptive and responsive to it, if you imbibe it, if you put into our writings what I have put in, you’ll get out what I’ve gotten out. And that’s the answer.

My books are worthless to the average public. They’re no good. I don’t pretend that they are any good, because they’re meaningless words to most people. And even if they could read them and understand some of it, it wouldn’t benefit them. It isn’t what’s in my books that benefits anyone; it’s what the reader puts into the books that benefits them. It’s what the student puts in, in study, in time.

Now some of you here know that I have ridden your backs, and ridden them hard. You know that, as well as I do. We don’t make any bones about it. But you know why. It isn’t for my benefit. I get my benefit through my meditation, through my contact with God, but I’m trying to have you get the same benefit I have. But I have no illusions. I am not a Jesus Christ that can walk up and down the land and say, “Rise, pick up your bed and walk.” I just can’t do it. I’m not that type. It’s you that has to rise and pick up your bed and walk by the effort that you put in. I can help, but you … it’s the amount of work.

Why are there only twenty-five in this room after nine years? Why? Where are all the rest of them? Where are all the rest of them that have been healed? Where are all the rest of them that have demonstrated supply? Where are all the rest of them that have demonstrated professional careers, and all the rest? You know there must be thousands of them, or I wouldn’t be able to go on in this work. There must be. Where are they? Well, they’ve put in enough to get out their little bit. They haven’t put in enough to get out enough of the Christ to go out and heal with it. They haven’t put in enough to get enough of the Christ to go out and show the way for others.

Oh there’s more than twenty-five. They couldn’t all be here this week. Some will be here for the next classes, and others will be around when I get to other places. But the point is that even in this city, there should be a hundred instead of twenty-five. But there haven’t been a hundred willing to put in. See that? Now I tell you this because you already know it so far as your experience is concerned. But now I’m telling it to you so that you don’t forget it when it comes to your patients and your students.

Don’t think for a minute that they can coast on your demonstration, and don’t let them. Just don’t let them. If they want the pearl of great price, see that they pay the price for it, whether that price is in dollars, or whether that price is in hours of study, whether that price is in dedication or service, because otherwise, you’re doing them no favors. You have nothing that you can give them without money and without price. Nothing whatsoever. You can’t do it. They could go to the Christ without money and without price.

Oh yes. Someone asked the question in class one time, “Isaiah says come without money and without price. Why do you charge for classes and books?” And I said, “Well Isaiah was right. There is no price demanded, and there’s no price needed. You don’t have to pay one penny for the Christ. Do you want it without money and without price? I’ll tell you how to get it. You pack up the end of this week and go away. Get yourself a room out in the country somewhere. Make up your mind you’re going to stay there—might take a day, it might take a year, might take seven years, but don’t move out of that room. Pray, pray, pray. Take a Bible with you. Read it and pray. Read it and pray, and stay there, and the Christ will come to you without one single penny. You can even get the Bible for nothing from the Bible Society. And you will find that you can get the Christ without money and without price. Just be willing to pay the price that’s demanded of you, and that’s stay alone until you’ve reached the centermost of your being. It may happen to you in a month, and it may take seven or ten years, but it will happen. But if you come to me for it, you have to pay money, because I have to pay a hotel, and I have to pay printers, and I have to pay airplanes, and I have to pay clothing, and I have to pay all these things. And I’m sorry, you have to pay for those things if you want those things.”

“Oh, that’s quite different. Well I think we’d rather pay you than go away for seven years and stay alone.”

“I think so too.”

Now you have a choice. You can build great reputation as healers, for this reason. There is no power in any disease, so you don’t have to worry about losing any cases—you can’t. You can’t unless you fear the disease, unless you give power to it. You just come to the realization that there’s no power in any condition, no power in any disease. You’ll find that it’s a very simple thing to heal. It only gets difficult when you make an effort, and believe that it’s dependent on your understanding or on something you do.

It isn’t dependent on you; it’s dependent on the fact that it has no power to begin with, and it only gets power, or seems to have power, by acceptance. So all you would have to do really is to sit at the telephone and let the calls come in and laugh at them, say “Thou hast no power.” And you’ll have enough healings so that your reputation will spread far and wide, and then you’ll be another Brother Roberts, or Brother Mandus, and you’ll do good healing work, but you will not bring religion. You will not bring God to individuals. You’ll be too busy for that.