1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class for “25”
Joel S. Goldsmith

153B – Christ Realized 1/6

Good afternoon.

Now again we are the twenty-five workers in the United States and Canada, and we are united in The Infinite Way. There is still no material tie that binds us. We have not violated that part of The Infinite Way teaching. There is no material tie, no human tie that binds us. There is only the tie of spiritual understanding. We are not united for any purpose of our own. There isn’t anything I hope to gain by it, and I want you to feel that there is nothing that you are to gain by it, unless it’s a higher state of spiritual upliftment. But I mean nothing beyond that.

Because the attitude of this twenty-five, and those who may join us later, should be something like this. Supposing we can visualize at this moment Jesus Christ in this room. You wouldn’t suspect Jesus Christ of wanting anything for himself would you: supply, or home, or companionship, or anything else. You’d recognize that he was here for your benefit, and you wouldn’t even stop to think about offering him anything except gratitude, love, homage, or supplying whatever physical needs there may be. But aside from that, you would never think of Jesus Christ in terms of one who was at all concerned about receiving anything.

You would be sure that if he had to sleep somewhere tonight, that he has the assurance that it’s provided, or if he has to eat, you have the assurance that he has the assurance that it’s provided. You might say, “Can I offer you a place to sleep, or something to eat?” And it may well be that he would accept, if he hadn’t accepted anything before that. But that still would not leave you with any sense that he was looking for it, or expecting it, or that he needed you, because if everyone forgot to invite him, which isn’t very likely, under the grace of God, he still would find a hallway somewhere, where he might be comfortable.

Now then, a practitioner should have arrived at the place in consciousness where they are seeking nothing from their work, nothing. If they haven’t the Christ to give, they shouldn’t be in the work. If they have the Christ to give, then it’s the Christ that meets their needs, not persons, though it will continue to come or seem to come through persons.

You remember the experience I had one time in Hawaii, when a group of the students came to me and said, “You ought to have a home here, place with some ground around it, so that we could come and visit you when occasion required, or be taught, or when friends or students from the mainland could come over and visit you, and have a garden to sit in, or a living room big enough,” so forth and so on. Sort of an Ashrama idea you know, without living quarters. And I said, “Well, if the time ever comes when that’s necessary, I’m sure the students will provide it, and I’ll be glad to be there.”

That night I was awakened out of a sleep, and the voice said to me, “You taught them erroneously.”


“You taught them erroneously.”

“What did I say?”

“You told them that if a need arose for it, that the students would provide it, and you would be there, and that means that the students have more understanding of supply than the teacher has. But isn’t it true that if the teacher had the consciousness of the Christ, the teacher would provide it, and in providing it, would prove to the students that everything was available that was necessary in Christ consciousness?”

And I said, “Oh my yes. Yes, I wouldn’t ask a patient to go out and heal themselves. I would expect the Christ of my being to do their healing work. And if they needed supply, I would expect the Christ of my being to produce their supply. Now why should I be looking for them to produce mine?”

And so the next day, I called this little group to me, and I told them, “I taught you erroneously. It isn’t your function to provide a place for you or for me. It’s my place to provide a place for myself and for my students, and thereby to prove to them that whatever is necessary, the Christ can provide.” And of course we have that place right now. Beautiful place, a living room that will seat thirty-five or forty people very comfortably if need be, and a garden that will seat I guess, many hundreds, should occasion ever require it.

In fact, three different gardens, back, front, and on the side, so that there could be a group in each place if they wanted to be, and then a great big beach for those who wanted to go swimming. So that the Christ has provided us with a place adequate for every foreseeable need. Not only that, it provided us with a little room for the beginning of our tape recording work. And as that grew, it provided us with the ability to build on to Emma’s home a studio that now accommodates all of the machinery, all of the master tapes, all of the blank tapes, her desk, and everything necessary to turn out the tape department, the letter department, the Braille department, and whatever else is necessary.

Nobody was asked to provide that. Nobody was asked to contribute to those things, but as it was needed, the Christ provided it, and very often, through what we would call human channels. I can tell you one experience, when we found it very difficult to get a good tape recorder, and finally learned of one that cost nine hundred and thirty-five dollars, but there were no steamers running to bring it to the island, and it needed thirty-five dollars to bring it over by air freight, making nine hundred and seventy dollars.

And we ordered it, and while we weren’t particularly short of money, this thing did happen, that on the morning that the firm called us to tell us that it had arrived, a check came in the mail for a thousand dollars, from a student who said, “I just have a feeling you might be able to use this now.” Now that student knew nothing about what was going on, and nothing about our … because never do we tell anybody anything about these things. Do you see that?

Now then, the money comes in. It comes in purely human ways, it would appear outwardly, but it comes in without any human effort being made, any human footsteps being taken. And every activity has been the activity of the Christ providing all that was necessary. Now our practitioners have to take that same attitude, that I seek nothing from anyone. If I have sufficient of the Christ to be a practitioner, it is that Christ that must provide for me. I will not look to patients, or students, or customers, or anything else. The Christ that meets their need in physical, moral, financial healing is the Christ that meets my own need.

Then of course, you will find that the supply will come in through perfectly normal, natural avenues or channels. And if it doesn’t, then you may expect to find it out on your lawn, or on your parlor floor, or in a dresser drawer, because it can come by miracles just as well as it can come normally. Because to God, there’re no such things as miracles—it’s all a matter of omnipresence.