Private “25” Tapes

Today is the premiere of the Private “25” tapes by Joel S. Goldsmith. He gave these private classes from 1956 up to 1963. In total 26 classes. They will be posted on YouTube in the coming weeks. Today are available the first 5 classes, see YouTube playlist below. Only 5 of the classes have a pdf available yet.

pdf-49px  Part 1: 1956 Barbizon Plaza Private Class For “25”

JSG 1956 – 153B Christ Realized

JSG 1956 – 154A The Nature and Activity of the Infinite Way

JSG 1956 – 154B Contemplative Meditation

JSG 1956 – 155A Three Daily Meditations


  • 1956 Chicago Private Class For “25”

JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

JSG 1956 – 162B Essentials for IW Workers

  • 1958 Chicago Private Class For “25”

no pdf’s available yet

  • 1958 New York Private Class For “25”

no pdf’s available yet

  • 1959 London Private Class For “25”

282A Truth Understood

282B Bringing Grace Into Expression

  • 1960 London Private Class for “25” / 1962 Los Angeles Private Group

no pdf’s available yet


  1. Dear Wim,

    Thanks a lot for these so valuable posts. It brings so much help and clearance. A heartful thank you father

    All the best,


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank yo u so much for making THE TRUTH available. .. I tried some time ago to join and it was very tight….I knew it was TIME. … x***


  3. Thank you Dear One for expanding the Principle Revelation that Joel received. Your precious kindness is an immeasurable Spiritual gift to those that are OPEN to receive
    the consciousness of Truth.


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