Iwihub.com original transcript by Eunice Lee and proofread by Zane Maser.

  185B Prepare the Soil for Spiritual Seed

Prepare the Soil for Spiritual Seed 4/5
1957 New York Fisher Hall Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 185B

Now, all that changes when we begin to perceive that behind this universe there is a Divine Plan. Fish were created to be in water, and birds were created to be in the air, and animals were created to be on land. Orchids were created to grow in tropical countries, and roses in colder countries, and other flowers in still colder countries. All of this is part of a Divine Plan, and we also were created for a specific purpose, which we will never learn until we learn to get back inside of our own being, learn to contemplate and commune, until the voice of God utters Itself to us, within us.

You see, the term “the search for God” really isn’t accurate, because no one has to search for God. They were told thousands of years ago where God is. Why search for that which you know dwells in you? You don’t have to search for It. All you have to do is make way for It to escape, make way for It to reveal Itself to you. You don’t have to go to India or Tibet. You don’t have to go to Rome, or New York, or California. It’s nice to do those things because in all of these places, in fact, all of the countries in the world have mystics, those who have been open spiritually. And it’s a wonderful thing to go to them to commune with them and to be in their company and enjoy their company, but to find God you don’t have to go there. All you have to do to find God is to find a quiet room in your own home shut away from radio, and television, and telephone for a short period each day, until you can give enough encouragement to this “Thing” that’s within you to come out and to reveal Itself to you. Don’t search for God. Accept the word of all the mystics of all time who agree the Kingdom of God, the realm of God, is within you.

Now, having found where God is, the next question is how do we make that contact? Well now, that thought forms a great part of The Infinite Way message—that how. We start with the assumption that you will believe Lao-Tzu, and Buddha, and Jesus Christ, and a few others who have said that it’s within you, but none of them have made the “how” very clear. And in my search, which was quite a long one, there seemed to be no answer, until in some mysterious way, God gave me the word “meditation.” And then I began to search in order to find the secret of meditation; and believe me, I found a lot about meditation but very little on how to meditate, and even what I did find was only helpful in a very small measure. But, at least, it kept me searching for the answer to meditation.

I found it, but I did not find what you would call a shortcut or an easy way to meditation, because it isn’t easy. I doubt that anyone, except those trained in inner contemplation, I doubt that any of them are going to find it easy. It isn’t, and the reason is this. From infancy, we’ve been playing with rattles on the outside, and toys, and dolls, and engines; and then we got in the business world, and we played with business, and with dollars, and with dances, and then marriage and children—everything out here to keep us so occupied that we never have had an opportunity to sit still long enough to find an inner quiet. And the result is there are very few Occidentals, very few people of the Western world that have the ability to be quiet inside. They get a little frightened when they first feel quiet in there, as if the world were falling apart.

My first experience was that I was falling through space into China. It seemed as if I’d lost my hold on the earth, and the only thing that saved me was that I was trying to get rid of the earth anyhow, so I was kind of glad to see it go and wondered what the next experience would be.

Now, in these years that I’ve been practicing and teaching meditation, I have found some aids to it that have helped many of our students, and while these appear all through my writings, there are two books in which this subject is concentrated, and that is “Practicing the Presence” and the other “The Art of Meditation.” Those two are completely devoted to this subject.

Now, in practicing the presence, we have some of the principles that enable us, and I’m not speaking of the book, “Practicing the Presence,” but I mean in the very act of practicing the presence, we have some of the principles that help us to get quiet. For instance, as we walk along the street, we turn for a moment from whatever our own problems and thoughts may be to a contemplation of whatever form of nature may surround us. It may be a tree, or we may have to look up and see the sky. Sun may be there, or if it’s night, the stars or moon. And in noting them, the very first thing that strikes us is, why yes, that was there yesterday, or the stars were there last night or the moon; or if we’re watching a tree, why that was all in bloom a few months ago, and I know that it’s going to be in bloom a few months or a few weeks from now.

And all of a sudden, you begin to perceive that what you see is an activity caused by “something” you cannot see. In other words, right now, at the end of March, if you look at the barren trees along the streets or the soil in the park, you know as well as I do that a change is going on and that a few weeks from now that grass is going to be green. There are going to be green leaves on those trees. If you have any bare bushes in your yard, those of you who live in the suburbs, you know right well that a few weeks from now there’s going to be roses or spring flowers of some kind. And thought must go to the fact that behind these phenomena there is a cause. There is an activity. Something is taking place in the invisible, and if you think hard enough, it will strike you very strange that on these rose bushes are going to be roses, and on the violet plants there’ll be violets, and on the orchid plants there’ll be orchids, and on the apple trees there’ll be apples, and on the peach trees peaches. Why is that? Why is that? Why don’t these get mixed up sometimes? Why don’t we get some orchids on our rose bushes? And again you begin to perceive there’s a law at work.

Why there’s something working behind this scene that’s operating with intelligence. Not only that, it’s operating with love, because if I’ve planted a crop of apple trees, I don’t want anything but apples. If I’ve planted roses, I want only roses, and there’s a love involved in seeing that I get just what I have planted. Why I’m beginning to perceive that there is an intelligence operating behind this universe, and that the nature of that intelligence is love.

And you know, you’re not thinking along that line very long until you start thinking about yourself and say, “Well, what’s wrong with me? Why isn’t there an intelligence operating behind me that is a divine love?” And pretty soon you’ll see, “What have I done to bring it into operation? What thought have I given to it? Have I thought of the Scripture that says, ‘Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee’? Have I thought of the Scripture that says, ‘Acknowledge him in all thy ways, and he will give thee rest’? Have I thought of ‘abiding in the word and letting the word abide in me, so that I can bear fruit richly’? Well, no. I’ve been violating Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and then thinking that Scripture ought to be working for me.” I may even have doubted that Scripture is truth. I never gave it a chance.

You will begin to perceive through this contemplation that there is an “Intelligence” behind this universe that doesn’t even let a sparrow fall. And you’ll find out that Jesus Christ well knew what he was talking about when he said, “Your heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of these things, and it is his great pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Only you have cut yourself off by not abiding in that Word.

You see the mystery lies in this. Nothing can happen to you, except it happens through your consciousness. There’s nothing taking place outside your consciousness, and if New York is a good city, it’s because your consciousness has opened itself to that. And if New York is a bad city, your consciousness has opened itself to that. And if these aren’t the good old days, your consciousness hasn’t opened itself to that, for the simple reason that everything that takes place or happens in your life has to happen in and through your consciousness.

Well, I could be living in heaven and everybody else living in hell. My living in heaven won’t make anybody else live in heaven, unless they draw themselves to my way of life and the other way around. I have been in hell lots of times when lots of you were in heaven, and I know now it was my fault. My fault. I can’t blame anyone else. Never. Never. I know now. I cut myself off from my good, because I cut myself off in my consciousness from the Source of good. I might have been looking to a person for my good, and so I cut myself off from the Source, which is God. I may have been looking to dollars for my good, and I should have been looking to every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. I may have been looking to favoritism and pull for my good, instead of looking to a divine, infinite Intelligence that was always present with love. So it is.