Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.         Photo: Inez Marques

 486A Christ Ascended

Christ Ascended 5/5
1962 Los Angeles Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 486A

Now as we remember the function of the Son of God, and you can only know what that is by going through the New Testament again and witnessing his works, forgiving the sinner, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, comforting those that mourn. Thus will you discover the function of the Son of God in you. And It is there for that same purpose. It has been there the same length of time since before Abraham was. It will be there the same length of time until the end of the world.

Live with this Son of God. Commune with this Son of God. Be grateful that out of all this world you’ve learned and should very soon be demonstrating that the Son of God is alive, resurrected out of the tomb of Jerusalem, and ascended up into your consciousness, there to be the mediator between you and God, the point of contact, the point of communion, the point of prayer, the point of realization.

Think of what happens now as you go home and ponder this and just mentally look around you within your home, outside of your home, around your community, and across the world, and remember this same Presence indwells everyone of us. And our recognition of It is helping to awaken It in the rest of mankind. Just as this student recognizing the indwelling Christ of this prisoner transformed this man. Just as the metaphysical practitioner recognizing the indwelling Christ in themselves and in their patient and student brings transformation into your experience. Think of what all of us together dwelling and recognizing this raised up Christ in human consciousness throughout the world. Think of what a contribution this will make to the peace that passeth understanding. The real peace, because it will be a peace that will change men’s consciousness. And this, of course, is the only blessing there is.

If you or I had the power to release every person from their hospital bed this night or every man or woman in prison from their prison, do not think that we would be doing anything so very great. It is only in proportion as our realization of the risen Christ transforms the consciousness of an individual that they have something to thank us for. We have experiences like this where beautiful healings take place and then some years later there’s a relapse, and then we get a letter why. Well, in every such case that I’ve ever seen, the answer is the same. They forgot to go and sin no more. They went right back to the same human state of consciousness they were originally in and what can it bring forth.

Let us take for the next few months a good study of “Thunder of Silence.” A serious one. Perhaps you’ve read it within the last year and put it away. Try it again. Try to see this. We are always externalizing our own state of consciousness. We’re not always as evil as our human life would seem because some of it comes through our own ignorance. But oh what control we can have over our own lives once we know sin, disease, and death do not come from God. They are the externalization of human consciousness. And if you want less of sin, disease, and death, then your consciousness must become less human and more divine. And that only comes about, remember you can’t do it psychologically. That’s all utter nonsense. The only way you can do it is raising up the Christ in you and letting It bring about a transformation of your consciousness.

Remember, if you have any questions, let us have them up here on the table tomorrow night so that ah, well I won’t be back for a long time.

Thank you.