Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.         Photo: Inez Marques

 486A Christ Ascended

Christ Ascended 4/5
1962 Los Angeles Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 486A

As you settle into your inner peace, remember this.  This Son of God, which you have raised up in you, is in every individual on the face of the globe.  And when you are one with this spiritual center of your being, you are now one with the spiritual essence of all that exists everywhere on the face of the globe.  Everywhere and spaces beyond.  When you are consciously one with the Spirit within you, you are consciously one with the Spirit that animates everyone everywhere, human, animal, vegetable, mineral.  And be assured that includes not only this globe, but all of the globes that are beyond earth, because Spirit is not limited to earth.  Spirit is the essence, the substance, and Law behind all creation everywhere.  And you become one with it only when you become one with your own center, with this risen Christ in you.

Lift up this Christ in you.  Remove Christ from time and space.  And realize it as an activity of your consciousness, a substance, a law, a Spirit of God within you, and then you are one with me, and you are one with all being, and you are one with all life, life of every nature, life on any and every planet.  You are one with the inventive genius of the world.  You are one with the artistic genius of the world.  You are one with the musical genius of the world.  You will not show forth all of these in your individual experience, very few do, but you will show forth the one that is meant for you.

And you see the great benefit of this is that as you begin to experience human good as a direct result of your spiritual contact, you are in that same measure bringing that spiritual Presence to the entire world.  Only in this way can the kingdom of God come to earth.  You know we pray in the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy will be done on earth.”  Thy will be done on earth.  Now it isn’t being done very much, is it?  There isn’t a country on the globe where you can say the will of God is very much in evidence.  Of course not.  The will of God is not in the earthquake.  The will of God is not in the war.  The will of God is not in death.  God has no pleasure in your dying.  Turn ye and live.  God is not in disease.  Ah no, no, God is not in the evil in this world, and because you see so much evil prevalent in the world, you know there is not yet too much of God’s will being done on earth.  Then the question is when will this be, thy kingdom come on earth, thy will be done on earth?  When, when?

Well first of all, demonstrate it, in some measure, in your personal experience.  You cannot demonstrate it for me or for anyone in this room until in some measure you have demonstrated it for yourself.  The moment you have demonstrated for yourself some measure of the kingdom of God, you may be assured that it is not going to be long for one or more to come to you and ask:  How?  Why?  Where?  When?  And then as you begin to impart, and be sure that you impart only the tiny little bit that you have proven.  Don’t try to impart all that’s in the books, only that part of it that you have proven.  Then you will discover that in that imparting your own wisdom is increasing.

This is difficult, but it will be even more difficult for you to demonstrate than for me to impart, and you can see that I’m having trouble in imparting this particular point.  And that is there is no way of your knowing God.  Therefore, give up the effort to think in any way at all about what God is.  Do not give any names to God.  Learn to do away with God is mind, or God is life, or God is love, or God is this, because all you’re doing is inventing names for the same unknown God.  But you’ll come closer to experiencing God when you have overcome the habit of thinking about God.  In other words, dwell on God but without thinking about God.  I told you it was difficult.

You see God is nothing objective to you.  Therefore, you cannot have a thought about God that would be God.  Then the closest you come to God is when you are having no thought about God but can say, “enlighten me.”  And then you’ll find that there is no God at all that you could think of up in your mind.  God is subjective.  No thought about God is God.  The closer you come to God IS, the closer you come to the God experience.  God IS, and God is closer to me than breathing.  And then from deep down within, there wells up into you the experience of God.  You might say God announcing Himself or Itself.  God revealing.  You’ll say then I’ve seen God face to face, but only when all efforts have been overcome to think, because just as God cannot be made into an image externally, God cannot be imaged internally.  Probably you already suspect the reason.  The one creating the image is the Creator.  Therefore, nothing that the Creator can create would be God.

It is like saying that no truth in a book is truth.  And it isn’t.  There never has been a word of truth in a book.  God is Truth.  You don’t imagine you can squeeze God into a book.  And it is when God is uttering Itself that Truth is being expressed.  And only God can express God.  Only Truth can express Truth.  And not even a man can do that or a woman.  That has to be from way down inside.  And then it comes through, and it surprises the hearer, even the one through whom it is coming, because no man ever invented Truth.  No man ever wrote Truth.  Truth utters Itself.  And any of us can be instruments through which it utters itself in proportion to our ability to be still, have no preconceived opinions, theories, and be willing to let it utter itself.   If it takes a little time, it’s worth it.  It’s really worthwhile to learn about this My kingdom and My peace.  It’s a realm unknown to humans, except those who have transcended their humanness enough to be still and hear that still, small Voice.

In the same way, if it weren’t for the still, small Voice uttering itself, we wouldn’t know today in the 20th century that Christ wasn’t a man twenty centuries ago.  The Christ is a Spirit in you.  It is only because it has been voiced again and again through the ages and is being voiced again today that we now have this gift of the Son born in a manger.  You bet.  You bet.  Born in the manger.  In your humanhood and mine.  As lowly a place as you’ll ever discover.  Because only as the Christ is born in you do you realize how completely nothing we are without it.  And what a false sense we’re building up and building up for a fall when we do not realize that I of my own self am nothing.  If I speak of myself, I bear witness to a lie.  It is this indwelling Spirit, that which Paul called the Christ, that which Jesus called the Father within.  This It is that doeth the works.