Original Iwihub.com transcript by Zane Maser.         Photo: Inez Marques

 486A Christ Ascended

Christ Ascended 3/5
1962 Los Angeles Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 486A

This Son of God, this offspring of God, this spiritual Presence, which we call the Christ, has a function; it is ordained. And by watching the ministry of Jesus Christ who so completely showed forth his Sonship, the Sonship that was within him and which he said was within you, your Father and My Father. One of his great undertakings was the forgiving of sin. Now for each one of us this is important, for in our human experience we have sinned greatly. And most of our sins were committed ignorantly. So that we need not rehearse them or rehash them. Let’s merely acknowledge that as humans we have strayed far from our Father’s home, our Father’s house, our Father’s conduct, our Father’s teaching. And with this acknowledgment, we are showing sufficient humility to take the next step and say, “thank you, Father, that thy Son, the spirit of God in me is there to forgive my sins.”

I carry within me my mediator, my mediation. I carry within my own consciousness the incarnated Son of God whose function is when I ask for forgiveness to receive it. Again, lip service won’t do. This is just another form of daily confession. This has to be a real confession, and a once-for-all confession. Father, forgive me, I haven’t known what I’ve done, and now I know that thy Son is incarnate within me, and one of its functions is to forgive me my sins, and then go and sin no more. Watch each day, that at least to the highest extent possible, that we do not violate the laws that we’ve come to know.

Of course, there’ll be more violations. But remember seventy times seven is still waiting for us. Our function is at least to try our best to live up to whatever spiritual law we may now learn. But at least we have made a wonderful beginning if we know that Christ is not something in time or space. Christ is the Spirit of God that indwells me, and one of its functions is to forgive my sins. Another function of the Christ is to heal the sick. Shall we look outside for healing when we have indwelling this Principle of God, this Law of God, this Life of God, this Son of God, this indwelling Christ who is ordained, which is ordained, to heal the sick, to comfort?

Here again, now we’ll keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee. But remember you have now pulled Christ out of the Holy Lands. You’ve pulled Christ out of 2,000 years ago, and you’ve established Christ consciously as incarnated within your self, embodied within your self. Since before Abraham was and unto the end of the world, no longer a search for Christ. A recognition and an acknowledgment the Son of God dwelleth in me. This spiritual Presence and Power of God dwelleth in me, and I am come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly. This is the function of this indwelling Spirit. This is the function of the incarnate Christ within you that you might have life, that you might have it more abundantly.

It makes no difference that you’ve sinned. The thief on the Cross sinned. The woman taken in adultery sinned. This has nothing to do with us that we have sinned. What has to do with us is that we have resurrected Christ from that tomb of 2,000 years ago and have ascended Him into ourselves. We have lifted him up. And if Christ be lifted up in you, you have the secret of harmonious life, spiritually harmonious life, a peace that passeth understanding, a peace that the things of this world cannot give, nor its honors, nor its wealth, nor its glories, nor its positions. A peace that passeth human understanding. A harmony, an abundance, a grace.

Only, only, however, if the Son of God be lifted up. Lift up that Son of God out of Jerusalem. Lift up that Son of God out of the tomb of 2,000 years ago and raise him up in your own consciousness and there realize the presence of God in you. And the function I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly. And then in your meditations listen, listen, because the Christ that is raised up in you will speak to you. Orally sometimes, in an awareness other times, always in some practical experience.


And now, you see why our program and the message of The Infinite Way calls for so many periods of meditation. Not long periods, short ones. Just long enough to raise up this Son of God in us, so that we have not only the possibility, but the constant experience of inner communion. You can commune at will with the Son of God. The Son of God is not confined to time or space. You can commune with the Son of God at will, driving your car, doing your housework, engaged in business. You can commune at any time that you can allow your thought to go within. Closer than breathing.

The one thing that is important, and this is very important, there must be no idol worship. We must not have any pictures in our mind of God or the Christ, nor must we have any preconceived ideas of, in what way the Christ will manifest in our experience. Now, it is a habit of the human mind, because it has been trained in the direction of idolatry. From the olden days, when they had amulets and charms, to the modern days when they have crucifixes and stars, it has always been an idea of something to hold onto. And, of course, metaphysics has just substituted thoughts for things. And so you hear the horrible statement sometimes, “send me a good thought or hold a good thought for me.” And of course that makes a thought that just turns God into a thought or tries to make God make a thought God.

Now, blessings are yours in proportion as you can release yourself from thought. Who by taking thought can add one cubit to his stature or make a white hair black? And if you cannot by taking thought do these little things, just imagine what you can do with thought in so far as the big ones are concerned.

Now, experience has shown us so clearly that it isn’t thought that accomplishes the things of the world, certainly not your thoughts or my thoughts; but the thoughts that are imparted to us within us, there is power. The Word of God is quick and sharp and powerful. And those who develop the ability to find this inner stillness receive the Word of God. In fact, it is the Word of God that goes to make up all of the great mystical messages that have ever been given to man. None of these were invented by man. And all anyone has to do to prove it is to read a dozen of these different messages in different parts of the world at different times coming through people who never had the opportunity of knowing each other. And then you will know that they have all heard the still, small Voice and all received the same assurance, My Peace give I unto Thee. My Peace. My Peace. Not as the world giveth. My Peace. It’s a different kind of peace. Therefore, when you go within, do not outline the kind of peace you want or the kind of kingdom you wish manifested, always remembering you are seeking for a hidden kingdom, a hidden Grace known, not to man whose breath is in his nostril. Yet, when you attain, the conditions of your outer life will automatically change.