1957 Kailua Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
180A – Individual Identity and Responsibility 5/5
pdf-49pxJG 1957 – 180A Individual Identity and Responsibility

I can so open myself that the Spirit of God flows through me to you either in words or in silence, but when you walk out of this door, you are free in that Christ and I hold no government or jurisdiction or control over you, not even to the point of a membership. You are released; you are free. You are your own being in Christ. You can return at your will for guidance, for help for this, but it is you that determines that. You govern your own life and in no wise would I even seek jurisdiction over my own child’s life. It is set free in its Christhood, and I share with it whatever is given to me of the Father.  So must your attitude be towards life.

I’ve told the story of the salesman who had come to the place where he realized that he had to acknowledge God in all his ways, and as he went around and had good business, of course it was easy for him to thank God for this wonderful business that he was getting. But this day he went into the store and the merchant said, “I don’t need anything. I’m not buying anything,” and for a moment he wondered how he was going to thank God and what for, and then remembered, “Well thank God the man had judgment enough to not buy if he didn’t need anything.”

So it is unless our whole being is so freed of personal gain, personal profit, personal powers, we are not liberating our students into their Christ freedom, nor would you in turn be liberating your families, or your customers, or the world at large into their freedom.

And so I say this to you: don’t try to sit in judgment as to right or wrong, but learn that this I, Joel, or I, you, can open itself to spiritual influence, spiritual guidance, spiritual direction, spiritual protection, and let it flow. And then as the temptation comes for these thoughts of selfishness or judgment, criticism, condemnation, as these come in, try to remember that as ye sow so shall ye reap and let not these ideas or thoughts of mortality find lodgment. That will not in any wise take your judgment from you in the sense of believing that every crook is honest. Not that at all. It is only that at least you will have an understanding of what makes them crooked and you won’t hold them in quite the condemnation that you otherwise would.

There is only reason to be a little bit strong in our attitude toward those that the Master termed spiritual wickedness in high places. Those who are entrusted, either with a ministry of the Spirit, or the ministry of a people, a race, a nation; those we have right to call strictly accountable for their conduct and make short work of those who may be revealed are not fulfilling the integrity of their office. And that not, remember, in a sense of condemnation of their person, for the simple reason that we know why all men sin whether they do it in a religious world, or whether they do it in government world, or banking world, or ordinary street corner grocery stores. We know why. They have not learned that the I of their being is God, and they are afraid that the little I that they think they are will become a victim of circumstances and conditions and depressions and lack and limitation and one thing and another. They can be forgiven seventy times seven for those sins.

When you are called upon for help from this minute on, quickly remember that your mind imbued with Truth is the law of healing unto any person or any situation that is presented to you; because the mind that is filled with ignorance, sin, disease, isn’t really power, it’s an arm of flesh. Don’t treat it as if it had to be treated; as if it had to be got rid of; as if it had to be reformed or overcome. Don’t try to tell anyone how perfect they should be or are.

All healing work is done silently within your own consciousness without speaking to the one to be healed beyond giving him the assurance that you are helping him. But the inner realization must be, “whatever the nature of this mind or body that’s being presented to me, it’s the arm of flesh, and my mind, my soul, imbued with this truth of God’s allness, omnipotence, omnipresence is the law of resurrection of healing unto this situation, unto this person, unto this condition.”

Never forget that it isn’t a far-off God that does this work. It is your mind when your mind is imbued with Truth. That is why it is possible for us to have thousands of practitioners all over the world, some of whom were sinners, some of whom were ordinary humans, some of whom were very fine women, some of whom were housewives with no thought ever of spiritual healing power. Some are business men, some are … well, I know one doing fine healing work in a prison who himself was one of the world’s great criminals. Now doing healing work in New York City prisons.

Yes, a mind filled with that can’t heal. A mind purified of that, can. Judas Iscariot may be on earth today doing healing work. Who knows? He had enough of spiritual inspiration in his time so that any temporary sense of sin must have quickly left him and he should have been a ripe subject for someone to get hold of and bring back to his Father’s house.

And so it is. There is no man and no woman so deep-dyed in sin that they cannot ultimately be the healing influence in this world, in a small community, nationally, or internationally. Certainly one of our truly great mystics, Francis Thompson was about as degraded in sin as any human that ever walked the earth and he left some of the most beautiful works of Godliness that any man has left on earth.

And so you see it is the same mind, your mind, but your mind imbued with truth becomes a healing agency. And it has to be a spiritual one. It becomes a prospering agency. It becomes a forgiving agency to sin and sinners, to those in lack and limitation — that’s sin too. To those in disease—that’s sin too.

Accept the responsibility that is being placed upon your shoulders. Ye are the light of the world if you have accepted Christ Jesus as a teacher, as a revelator, as a leader, as an inspiration. Then you must accept the demand “go ye out into the world and heal the sick and raise the dead.” How can you do that? With your mind imbued with Truth. With your mind recognizing your true identity, I and the Father are one.

And by the Grace of God all the power or God has been given to me in the form of dominion over all things.

Thank you