1957 Kailua Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
180A – Individual Identity and Responsibility 4/5
pdf-49pxJG 1957 – 180A Individual Identity and Responsibility

You see, I have permitted no belief of good and evil to enter, that, let’s call it self-treatment or prayer or realization, communion. I stood completely on spiritual identity, spiritual truth, spiritual power, spiritual oneness, claiming for myself only the activities and ideals and ideas and creations and formations of the Soul which constitutes me. And by acknowledging that this is the truth about you and about saints and sinners and about the good and the bad and about the white and the black and the Jew and the Gentile, I am accepting into my mind or consciousness no trace of either good or evil, but only the realization of spiritual perfection. Not dividing it into good or evil. Holding always to its infinite spiritual nature.

Now if I live in this consciousness throughout the day and throughout the night, I am a blessing and a benediction unto myself, my life, my career, and unto all who are embraced in that consciousness of truth.

Now remember this, if I so far forget this, and so far forget my true identity as the offspring of God, that I permit myself to believe in good and evil, that I permit myself to believe that there is a power of destruction on earth, or in heaven, or in hell: if I permit myself to accept the belief that there are conditions not under God’s control, not subject to the rule of God, then I am accepting into my mind ignorance, fear, superstition and the image and likeness must come out as ugly matter, or sinful matter, or sickly matter, or impoverished matter. There is no other way. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

The whole Master’s teaching is one of sowing. If you sow in fertile soil, you reap the spiritual image. If you sow in barren soil, you get nothing. If you sow in rocky soil, you get a few sprigs but then it withers.

So the whole question is there is a you. And this you in its true identity and being is God expressed, God manifest, God being Itself. And that is the pattern shown thee on the mount. That is what you are pouring into your mind that your mind may show forth as manifestation on earth.

Now, if you sow to the flesh you will reap corruption. If you sow to the soil of good and evil, you will reap … because as ye sow so shall ye reap. Whatever you plant, that’s what you’ll get. And as ye do unto others so shall it be done unto you. It is a cosmic law, and you make yourself the victim of a cosmic law the very moment that you allow your mind to be filled with the filth of human belief; the garbage of good and evil.

It is a marvelous thing to know that whereas the world in its ignorance hasn’t the power to sow to the Spirit because the truth has been hidden from it for so long, that you have come to a place where you are having revealed to you that you are the arbiter of your own fate. That you stand behind yourself and determine the nature of what goes into your mind and that in its turn is going to determine the nature of what comes out in form and manifestation.

Your Soul is the creative principle; your mind is the instrument through which the Soul takes form so that even your material body is spiritual form if so be you sow to the Spirit. But the very moment you stand behind yourself and admit limitation, personal sense, and all the qualities of personal sense … I, me, and mine business, that is the minute that you are forming a mold in the mind which tomorrow must produce itself in the forms of matter. And then we wonder why God is punishing us.

No. No. God doesn’t punish. God is too pure to behold iniquity, and God is not even aware of our needing punishment. Our punishment is all determined by cosmic law; by a law that we sow and reap. Cosmic law is that which we do. We will before we are through come to that in the Sermon on the Mount whereby we learn that ye have heard it said of old, but I say unto you. And then you will quickly see why it is that if you abide by what they said of old you will be sowing to the human scene and reaping the human discords of life. It’s true you can reap some of the human harmonies. It is possible without God, without truth, to get a healthy body and a wealthy purse. But there is no satisfaction in them. There is no permanence in them, and there is no assurance of their continuity.

The only assurance we can ever have of harmony in our experience is a God-derived harmony. Once we live and move and have our being in truth, from that time on our days and nights and weeks and months and years are a continuous flow of peace.

We will have problems but we will have problems because the urge in us will send us out to teach these things to others, some of whom will throw them right back in our face, and some who will trample on us and the pearls that we offer to the world because this truth deprives the world of much that it would cling to. Don’t forget that the world is seeking good — material good, sensual good, pleasurable good in its way of life. But the world is not yet prepared to exchange those for the joys of spiritual good because it has no awareness of what the nature of spiritual good is. How can a person who has never had Spirit know what it’s like and what it will do?

Do you see now, why over and over and over, it is repeated in the writings, and those of you, and there are quite a few of you here, who were in that First Honolulu Closed Class, will remember that the very essence of that class was: God as individual being.

It is because, except in ignorance, there are no laws to operate on you for your good or your evil. You become the law of the good unto yourself and you permit laws of evil to operate by not asserting that there is an I, a me, who stands behind my life and governs it.

There is an I and a me who has God given dominion over everything in the sky, in the air, on the earth, and in the seas beneath the earth. We have a God given dominion and there is a part of us which is called Man — Man with a capital M, or Christhood, or selfhood. There is a part of us whose name is I. A new name give I unto you “I Am”.

There is a part of us which is I, and that part is God being. And it is that God being which derives from the Infinite Source, an absolute dominion over my body, over my business, over my home, over my activities.

True the moment we permit others to come into our lives that dominion is not absolute because we yield some of it in consideration to husband or wife or child or something else.

But to start let us realize this: There is an I. There is an I that governs me. There is an I that governs mine. That I is called Joel. I, Joel am man. An individual expression of God’s own being, and I stand here behind myself and permitting those things to enter my mind which come from God. Not those things which come from man, from superstition, from books — which come from God.

That is why throughout the message of The Infinite Way you will find that prayer raised to its highest level is without words or thoughts. It is a state of receptivity in which you are open like this: I and my Father is one. The Father is greater than I. Speak Lord thy servant heareth, and then I receive God’s Grace, God’s Wisdom, God’s Life, God’s Power, God’s Judgment, and It flows out.

Remember it won’t do that if there is a trace of selfishness in the motive. If there is a trace of self-seeking for personal gain, whether it’s money, power, influence, dominion or even the control of a patient’s or a student’s life, the power is lost. Because the power of God is freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.