Day40 : The Spirit of God Dwells in You

If you have decided to give up that one tree
in the Garden of Eden,
if you have decided that you will not accept two powers,
you could be in the midst of all that
and not feel their fear or their doubts.
You would still be in your Heaven.
The fears and the mesmerism of the world
would not come nigh your dwelling place.
But, if you still believe in the power of good and evil,
then when they feel uplifted, you feel it,
and when they feel discouraged,
you’ll feel discouraged.
And so it will be over here.

If you have prosperity over here as a nation,
you’ll feel wonderful about it.
And when you begin to read that there’s a recession,
you’ll start to feel discouraged.
But that can only happen if you are still clinging
to the belief in good and evil.
If you can accept the fact that God is Spirit
and the Spirit of God alone dwells in you and feeds you,
sustains you, maintains you unto eternity,
you will have no fear of external conditions,
and it will not come nigh unto your dwelling place.

Joel S. Goldsmith, How to Heal, 1958


This concludes the 40 Day Meditations that were derived from Joel’s talk: How To Heal part 1-4. Have a blessed Good Week.