Day 39: The Spirit of Christ

Meditation 39
Day 39: The Spirit of Christ

You sit in contemplation; inner contemplation,
peacefully contemplating the nature of God
as divine wisdom and divine love
and you begin to perceive that a God of intelligence
and a God of love couldn’t be guilty
of placing anything evil in the consciousness
of his own beloved child.
And as you contemplate that,
you come into the realization of one presence,
one power and that’s when healings take place.

So you see,
it really isn’t a healing power,
although we do use those words,
and when we’re asked to pray for the sick,
we tell them we do but
we’re not really praying for them as they believe we are.
We are contemplating truth,
and the truth we are contemplating is Oneness,
one God,
one Life,
one Substance,
one Law,
one Cause,
one Presence,
one Power,
and when we have contemplated it long enough,
a peace steals over us.
We call that the spirit of Christ
and when that steals over us
we are released from our fear of the other power.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith


  1. We lost a wonderful infinite way practioner hear in Phoenix,arizona,Rick Carr passed on last night, he did so much for the Infinite way students, he dedicated his life to them, holding classes every Thursday night for over twenty years never expecting anything in return, thank you Rick,                   With love,Dan


    1. Rick was a great person , i was in touch with him thru emails as i used to send weekly bible lesson to his group . He was a dedicated soul . My condolences to Deb and his immediate family. I will miss him. RIP Rick


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