Meditation 36
Day 36: Now you’re living after the spirit.

God is one power, the only power.
God is infinite.
And so if God is power,
God must be infinite power.
And that does mean that there is no other power,
so I’ve got to accept the fact that
neither germs are power nor infection
nor contagion nor sitting in a draft is power.
And I’m going to stand on that.
And it shouldn’t be very many minutes before you get a call,
that I’m feeling better or it’s completely healed or something of that kind.
Because that is the basis of your metaphysical life;
of your living after the spirit instead of living after the flesh.
Living after the flesh you have believed that germs were power,
climate was power, sitting in drafts was power,
eating the wrong food was power.

Now you are no longer living after the flesh but after the spirit.
You’ve placed your reliance on the invisible as the all and only power.
Now you’re living after the spirit.
Now you’re the children of God.
Now you have been ordained to heal the sick.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith