Meditation 33
Day 33: Make Me A Fit Instrument Through Which Love Can Flow

Mold me in Thy image and likeness.
Make me a fit instrument through which love can flow.
I can never be that fit instrument
while I’m hating, judging, criticizing, condemning,
only while I purge myself,
even while I do laugh at the mistakes of man whose breath is in his nostril.
But never judge it or criticize it or condemn it in a censorious manner.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Forgive seventy times seven.
Place no power in the form or creature.
And practice it as many times as a day as you can set aside three,
four, and five minutes, and then the day will come of realization.

That day of realization will not remove every problem from your experience.
It’ll disappoint you afterwards to find out that it hasn’t.
For realization has to be a continual thing, a continuous thing.
We have to have realizations on many, many subjects.
We have to have realizations almost every day of the week.
And even when they’re not for ourselves, they’re for others.
So that we never get to the point where we can say,
“Oh, I have arrived.”
If anyone has arrived, I haven’t yet heard of it.
And I’ll assure you that I haven’t.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith