Nothing Takes Place Outside Consciousness 4/5
1960 Los Angeles Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 302A

Two points I bring to your attention in The Infinite Way, which can change your entire lives. Begin to know your own identity and do not fear to claim your Sonship with God, for you are a divine being. The essence of you is God, the very life and fiber of your being is God. All that constitutes your being is God, and you can demonstrate that in proportion as you realize that all the negative things of life—sin, disease, lack, and limitation—are imposed beliefs. They are superimposed upon you and ignorantly you accept them. Whereas, if you would know that God is too pure to behold iniquity, and therefore, nothing is truth that comes to your consciousness, unless it testifies to immortality, eternality, infinity, abundance, twelve baskets were left over, and so forth.

So it is that in answering this question then, you must affirm the truth, as how could you know the truth, and in knowing the truth you are always denying the error, or the nature of it, or the fact of it; but do not use affirmations and denials in the form of “I am rich, and I know it. I am rich, and I know it.” And then have to open up your purse and say, “I can’t find a dollar.” And the same way, there’s no use saying, “I am well. I am well. I am well,” if you’re sick. None at all.

I remember in the days when I was exclusively practicing and on several occasions in winter, New York, New England, I came to my office with evidences of a cold. And many times patients would say, “Oh, you have a cold.” “Yes.” Oh, surprised that I would go to the office and reveal it; I should stay at home and conceal it. I said, “Look, I’m not ashamed of a cold. I’m very grateful that I know something to meet it with. And I can do my work in the office as well as home and not claim to have made a demonstration that I haven’t made. So, let’s go on with this.”

Now all of this thing about “I am well, I am well, I am well” is a form of hypnotism. It was used by Coué in the days of “Coué-ism”: “Everyday in everyway I’m getting better and better.” Whereas the metaphysicians went him one better and said, “I am already perfect.” That is not the type of affirmation to use, but this is a good type: “I.” Just think of the meaning of that word I. I. It means. You know what it means? Just listen to what Jesus said about it: “I am the bread and the wine and the water. I am life eternal. I am the resurrection. I am life eternal.” Isn’t that wonderful what I AM? And that is what you must realize that that is what I AM. That is what I means.

I in the midst of thee is mighty. I am the way, the truth, and the life. And as you stand on that and then look out, and say, “Ah, and all this else that appears as limitation, finiteness, negativeness, this is carnal mind, nothingness, the arm of flesh. This is a universal belief in two powers.” But I am the only power. I am the way and the truth. And that I in the midst of thee embodies all of the God power there is. That’s why I can’t use It. It can use me. If I am still, I in the midst of me will live my life, just as Paul told us, “I live yet not I. Christ liveth my life.” I live yet not I. There is a Spirit in me that liveth my life. I live yet not I. The Father within me liveth my life. Those are affirmations, if you want to call them such. They’re more than that. They are declarations of Truth.

But, you must remember that while there have been many mystics in life, in the life of the world, very few of them were healers. And the reason is, as a matter of fact, some of the mystics have been the greatest sufferers physically and mentally. And the reason is they never discovered this second step. They never discovered where evil comes from or what its nature is. And, of course, the human world doesn’t know, and that is why the human world can’t meet it. It is only we who have this secret of the source of evil, who by demonstrating it in our individual lives will attract to us a group here and a group there and so spread around the world, until one day somebody will ask the question, “What makes you people so immune to most of the world’s disasters or the world’s tragedies?”

And then it will be able, it will be possible to reveal, “I know the source of evil. I know whence it comes and how it operates.” It operates as a mesmeric suggestion coming to us for acceptance, and in our ignorance, we accept it. It operates as a universal malpractice. It operates as imposed belief in two powers. It does not operate when I know that God constitutes my being. All that God is I am, and nothing can enter my consciousness that defileth or maketh a lie. And there you have the whole process.

Question: “What do you mean when you say all evil is impersonal? Isn’t all good impersonal also?”

Answer: Yes, indeed, it is. And actually, that is the other half of the picture. In proportion as you can realize the impersonal nature of evil, you will also recognize the impersonal nature of good. In other words, you will never say, “I am good,” or “I am spiritual,” or “I am charitable,” or “I am forgiving,” or I am loving.” Things like that will never again enter your mind, for you will know that could not be true. Whatever qualities of good are manifest through you are qualities of God finding expression and outlet through you or anyone else.

You will find all of this in that booklet, “Love and Gratitude,” which is really one of the most important writings in the message of The Infinite Way. For this very reason, as long as we are claiming virtues for ourselves, we are perpetuating the Adam dream. The Master said, “Why callest thou me good? There’s but one good, the Father in heaven.” Or, “I can of mine own self do nothing. The Father within me, he doeth the works.” As you come to a state of consciousness in which you know that you are but the showing forth of God, you are the instrument through which or as which God appears on earth, and every good quality you have is not yours but God’s manifesting through you, then you will begin, not only to have more of these, you will begin to see how these grow in quantity and quality.

In personalizing them, you lose them. Many people have asked why they have been charitable or philanthropic all of their lives and ended up poor. There’s only one reason. They really believed they were philanthropic. They really believed they were giving something. You see, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” so you have nothing of your own to give. And as a matter of fact, if it weren’t for God in you, you’d never have an instinct in you to give away that which is yours, because everything mortal about us wants to hold fast. It’s our guarantee of tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. Therefore, there must be something tremendously Divine in the individual who can let lose. And more especially, if in letting lose, he realizes, “This isn’t even mine. I am only the instrument through which God is giving this to the needy, to those who require it, to those who want it.”


But, it is this infernal belief that I am a good person and I am sacrificing my life for you that ends us all up poverty stricken and broken in health. Nobody would have to be ill in their advanced years, in their mature years, if they realized they had never sacrificed for their children. Most of our illnesses come because of the beliefs that we gave our health for our children, or our parents, or somebody else who was dependent on us when we didn’t. It was God’s health that was being expressed through us and even the desire to be good to them was God’s, not ours. Without God, we’re too selfish for those things. So it is.