Nothing Takes Place Outside Consciousness 3/5
1960 Los Angeles Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 302A

We have experimented, a small group of students, with the phenomena of weather in the form of tidal waves and typhoons, and stopped them dead before they could do anything, and watched them dissolve and disappear in space.  You know why?  Every unnatural condition of weather is nothing but a mental malpractice.  It isn’t a condition of weather.  It doesn’t start at the North Pole or the South Pole.  It starts in a universal belief in two powers, and it is stopped in its tracks when it hits up against the realization of one Power, and that one Power is the spirit of God in me, the spirit of God in you, the presence of God in you, the life of God in you.  It stops it dead.  You see, nothing can enter your experience except through your consciousness, and if there’s a rumor of a storm, it has to get into your consciousness before it can manifest.  And if you stop it dead, one with God is a majority.  One with God is a majority.  Two or more gathered together in that, in this truth, ten righteous men can save a city.  All points to just one thing.  It takes but very little realization to wipe out the evils of this world as they touch our individual consciousness.

Remember this, you cannot experience anything that does not enter your consciousness.  But, anything can enter your consciousness, unless you are standing there.  Now, you remember I brought out at one of these classes, open or closed, that here is my body.  That’s all you see.  You don’t see me; you see my body.  And there’s another part of me you don’t see, and that’s my mind, because my mind is invisible.  Now, behind my mind stands “Me.”  There is Me, and my mind, and my body.  Now, you follow this as I say it to you.  I have a mind.  Is that true?  Is it true of you?  You better be sure.  I have a mind.  I have a body.  And remember I am standing back here and addressing my mind, and it, in turn, governs my body.  But, remember my body can’t catch cold.  It has to enter through the mind, and that means I let it in.  See how important I am in my life.  I stand behind me.  I stand behind my mind and my body.  If I say to my hand up, it goes up.   If I say down, it goes down.  If I say give, it gives.  If I say withhold, it withholds, because the hand has no intelligence.  It can do nothing of itself but it must respond to Me—for I am its voice.  And I, through the mind, impart my will to this hand.

Then, if I realize that I and my Father are one, all that my Father hath is mine.  Here where I stand I am on holy ground, for right here I and the Father are one.  Thou seest me, thou seest the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one.  All that the Father hath is mine, the intelligence of the Father, the love of the Father, the life of the Father, the being of the Father, the spirit of the Father, all of this is mine.  I and the Father are one.  The qualities of the Father and the quantities of the Father, all of these are mine.  Therefore, I am the fulfillment, the presentation of all that God is.  And nothing from without can enter my consciousness that defileth or maketh a lie, because I stand here in the realization of God as constituting my being.  Now, let the world’s belief be what it may.  Let universal belief be what it may.  Let everyone think what they will.  I and my Father are one, and nothing can enter my consciousness that defileth or maketh a lie.

And the 91st Psalm says that if I live, if I dwell in this secret place of the most High, none of these evils shall come nigh my dwelling place—not some of them, none of them.  None.  And the Master said, “If I abide in this Word and let this Word abide in me, I will bear fruit richly,” and it doesn’t make any difference what’s happening to the thousand at my left or the ten thousand at my right, because he also says that, “If I do not abide in this Word and I do not let this Word abide in me, I will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off and withereth.”

Do you see who determines your life?  Do you see who determines the experiences of your life?  You do.  You do.  By consciously identifying yourself with God, you open yourself to all that God is by recognizing the source of error, the nature of error as an imposed suggestion from without and standing there and refuting it.  You “nothingize” it.  Absolutely nothingize these suggestions as they reach you.

Now, we have here a question:  “In the past, we have been using affirmations and denials.  Now in The Infinite Way it is the realization of the Presence.  Since we have been warned not to mix these two systems, and it takes time to develop spiritual consciousness, what system should be used in the interim?”

Now, that’s a good question.  It is.  It is.  It’s a good question.  I like it.  Because it is not that affirmations and denials are forbidden, in the sense of acknowledging the truth and denying the error, because I have just been affirming my conscious union with God, my conscious oneness with God, and I’ve been denying a power to mental malpractice, to the universal imposed suggestions from without.  So, I have been affirming, and I have been denying.  But, when it says in our literature that we must not use affirmations and denials, it means repeating statements of truth over and over and over again for the purpose of making something happen.

In other words, we don’t take a prayer and recite it a hundred times, and then say by the time we get to the hundredth time the ill will be gone.  We don’t repeat it and repeat it and repeat it for the purpose of making something happen, but we do consciously remember it, that is what Paul calls “praying without ceasing.”  Morning, noon, and night, we are affirming something to ourselves and denying something.  Morning, noon, and night, we are affirming I and the Father are one.  All that the Father hath is mine.  We may not use that terminology, because the same statement is written in our writings a thousand different ways.  So, it isn’t necessary to use the same statement, but the same theme is there in the same way.

The major principle, healing Principle in The Infinite Way is this realization of the nature of error, because now you don’t need any God to get rid of it for you.  You don’t have to make a God contact to heal disease.  Now, it’s only necessary to know the truth, the nothingness of that which is claiming to impose upon, impose itself upon you from without and its universal nature.  You’re going to discover a great secret very soon.  And that is that the very minute you’re asked for help and don’t pin something onto your patient, they’re going to get well, so suddenly well sometimes that it’s going to shock you, because the only thing that has held them in their disease is the personalization of the evil.  Somebody has been blaming it on them, including themselves.  Somebody has said that it’s their fault.  It’s their wrong thinking.  It’s their lust, or their malice, or their enmity, or they may not like their mother-in-law.  Well, you can’t love all mother-in-laws, you know, I mean let’s be reasonable.  There’s a limit.  But that shouldn’t make anybody ill.

And certainly this fantastic notion about hate and jealousy.  All my metaphysical life I’ve been hearing how it causes cancer.  And if you’d know the type of women that I’ve met that have had cancer, I can’t find any of that hate and jealousy in them to that extent.  A little bit of it, of course, we all have that, but not enough to cause cancer.  I know it isn’t true.

And I’ll surprise you with something else.  I’ve had cases of newborn babies with cancer before they had a chance to hate.  Now, who we going to blame it on?  How are we going to blame these diseases on the wrong thinking of the unborn baby?  Do you see that you’ve got to wake up now and bear with us in this work, because The Infinite Way hasn’t covered this globe in thirteen years by being promoted, or financed, or advertised.  It has gone on its own power of healing.  And what has brought about this healing?  The impersonalization of evil.  The recognition that evil doesn’t start in you.  It starts in an Adamic belief in two powers, and then it keeps imposing itself in one form or another, until it comes to us as a suggestion—a suggestion of weather, a suggestion of climate, a suggestion of one thing or another.  And we admit it into our consciousness, and then say, “Now, how shall I get rid of it?”  It’s much better to keep the locks on the door and keep the thief out, rather than worrying how to get rid of him after he’s in.  So it is with this.