Nothing Takes Place Outside Consciousness 2/5
1960 Los Angeles Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 302A

Now, first then, study well, read well, ponder, meditate within your self until you do come to an absolute conviction that God made all that was made, and all that God made is good. Therefore, if you are believing that there is any evil, you are accepting a suggestion external to your own being. You are accepting a suggestion from outside, from carnal mind, from this universal belief in two powers. And you can always know, you can always know the very moment you are accepting the suggestion of a selfhood apart from God, or a law apart from God, or a life apart from God, you are accepting a mental imposition from without.

Now, if you understand it in this light, you can understand why mental malpractice is a fact. It is only if you identify mental malpractice as the act of a person or group of persons that you’ll get in trouble, because you will be personalizing evil, and you’ll suffer from your own belief. Never believe that you suffer from the thoughts of others, because you don’t, if you have accepted your self as one with God. You can only suffer from the thoughts of others, if you surrender your dominion.

Actually, the thoughts of others only have power where there is a belief in that. Let me illustrate that for you. In every one of the religions of the primitive races, that is the original races, religion never rose higher than a mental level; and for that reason, it consisted of both good and evil. And so you will find that in all primitive religions there are those who are called the priests, who perform the service of good. That is, they pray for health. They bring health. They pray for harmony. They bring harmony. They are the blessing and the benediction to their people. But in every one of these tribes, there was also the bad priest. And this one has the power of cursing. This one has the power of killing you.

Now, as you study these ancient religious teachings, you’ll find that they really can. That is, the good priest can really heal, and the bad priest can really kill. You probably have read in this very age of this practice being continued in Pennsylvania among the people there known as “hexers.” It’s also, until a hundred years ago, was continued in the Hawaiian Islands where we have the good kahuna and the bad kahuna. The good kahuna heals, and I have worked with one of these and can testify to the fact that they can heal and heal well. But the bad kahuna, if you have someone you want killed, you just let him know, and it won’t be long until they’ll be dead.

Now, the secret of this is this: That from childhood up, they are taught that the good kahuna heals, and the bad kahuna kills, and therefore, they are in fear all their lives of the bad kahuna. So then, the very moment you say, “I’ll fix you. I’m going to the bad kahuna.” You start trembling, and a few days later, you’ll find you pass right out of the picture. And this is true also in Australia among the aborigines. It was true in Central and South America in the days of the original, the primitive peoples there. It was also true in Egypt. Now, of course, you know it’s true among the voodoo, the people of Haiti.

Now, and recently a book has been published in this country showing you how you can pray for your plants and flowers and make them grow beautifully. But, of course, if you don’t like them, you can pray for them and kill them. Yes, by one of our Protestant ministers, he came up with that beautiful idea. Of course, he was both wrong and right. He was entirely wrong when he said you could pray a plant to death. But, you can’t pray; prayer is an activity of the Spirit, of the Soul of God. But, he was right in this: That you can do mental work. You can use the power of the human mind even to make your flowers grow or to destroy them. And so it is that, of course, the plants are defenseless.

If you can find people who are susceptible to the belief that somebody’s thought can hurt them, believe me, they can be hurt. But those who haven’t been taught that superstition, you can’t touch them. It won’t affect them one bit. And that’s why metaphysicians are the easiest ones to malpractice. They believe in it, some at least.

Now, let me assure you of this: There are not two minds. There is not a divine Mind and a mortal mind. There is only one Mind, and its power is good. Therefore, there is no power in what is called “malpractice,” but there is power in your belief that it has power. That is where the power comes in. So then, if you will bear with me long enough to understand that nobody’s thought can hurt you individually or collectively, because their thought isn’t mind. Their thought is merely a belief in two powers. It isn’t mind. It’s belief. It’s based on the belief in two powers—good and evil. So, it can’t be mind. You’ll be saved from any form then of what is called personal malpractice.

Now, go a step further with me and realize that this universal malpractice, such as this belief in infection, or contagion, or heredity, this universal belief in the power of disease, realize that this universal malpractice cannot operate in, on, or through your consciousness, because God is your consciousness, and nothing can operate on God. You know that. Nothing can enter God that defileth or maketh a lie. Therefore, if God constitutes your consciousness, you are immune to belief.

And it operates like this: That to the pure, all things are pure. In other words, if there’s nothing in your consciousness to respond to evil, no evil can take root there. How do you make yourself free of evil? Only one way. Live and move and have your being in the realization of God as constituting your consciousness, your mind, your soul, your being. Live and move and have your being in the realization of God as the very life of you, the very soul of you, and then you will know that nothing can enter that defileth or maketh a lie. And recognize that, that regardless of these superstitions, or rumors, or reports about weather, or climate, or about health, or infections, or contagions, or epidemics, hold to it that those are nothing but imposed mental suggestions; and you are not subject to them, because they are not power.

Now, this you see leads to our principle healing Principle. Yes, our principle healing Principle. And that is that God doesn’t heal for us or through us. God is not a power over sin, disease, or death. The principle of The Infinite Way states that sin, disease, and death aren’t power. They are only imposed suggestions concerning the belief in two powers—the “Adamic” belief in good and evil. Once you realize this that such things do not come forth from mind—for mind is the source of intelligence—but only from belief, universal belief. Let’s call it carnal mind, if you like. Let’s call it mortal mind, if you like. As long as you don’t believe that they are mind, as long as you understand that carnal mind or mortal mind means only a belief in two powers, a universal belief, not a personal one, not your belief, not my belief, not his belief, not her belief, an impersonal, universal belief.

Then, you can laugh at it, the same as you would if someone told you, “Oh, there’s a man down here who’s going to think you to death.” You know they couldn’t, because you know God is your life, and nobody can think God away. So therefore, you stand firm in that realization.

And so it is, when you know God is the health of your countenance, tell me what can enter that defileth or maketh a lie to your health? But, you must know this truth. You must know the truth of your true identity, first of all. Then, secondly, you must know the source of all error. Now, the source of all error is not your wrong thinking nor any of the beliefs you’ve picked up. The source of all error is a universal malpractice, or a universal suggestion, or imposition coming to you for acceptance, just like the devil came to Jesus to tempt him. He only had to say, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” And all you have to say is, “I recognize this suggestion of lack or limitation. I recognize this suggestion of infection or contagion.”