Meditation 32
Day 32: God’s will be done in me

And so it is.
I say to you,
the disease or the condition that you are fearing is not a power,
except in the belief that there are powers called good and evil.
And that in proportion as you will relinquish all belief
in good or evil in form, and realize that all power is of the Invisible Spirit,
your diseases will quickly or gradually vanish from you.
They will vanish in proportion to your acceptance, practice,
and finally realization of this Truth.
First, you must accept,
you must be able to feel in your heart that what I’m saying is true.

Then, you must be willing to go out and practice it.
Sit each day, two periods, three periods,
four periods in contemplative meditation
or prayer contemplating God or the things of God
and seeing how that operates in your particular experience.
And then inviting God to reveal His light within you,
to give you Grace,
to open the blind eyes,
not the physically blind eyes;
the mentally dulled or spiritually darkened eyes,
so that I may inwardly see Thee, truth, life.
Pray that I may be molded in the image
and likeness of God to be a servant of God.
Never telling God what I want but always reminding myself
God’s will be done in me, not my will be done through God.
God’s will be done in me.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith