1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
True Identity 3/5
Tape 617A

We know very little about the inner revelation of Jesus. All that we know about it is that he was a student of the Essenes, that he learned the secret of God as his individual consciousness. But, we do not know the moment of his illumination, or what he had done the day before, or the day after. These things may be known and available in manuscripts, but, if so, they are hidden. They are not released for public awareness.

Now, the point that we make is this: There must have been a day when Jesus was a man. He may have been a carpenter himself, as well as a carpenter’s son. And certainly we know this about him that he was a rabbi in the Hebrew church. He was a rabbi in the Hebrew synagogue. Yet one fine day, he was no longer a carpenter, no longer a rabbi. He was a Messiah, and “Messiah” means Savior or Christ. Something must have happened in the consciousness of Jesus that made him realize he was not a man with a limited mind, but rather that the Father within—God—was the Mind and the Power operating through him as an individual.

In like manner, many of us have been businessmen. Many have been housewives, secretaries, clerks, and thought of ourselves as nothing more nor less than that with just the ordinary abilities to earn a living, some better, some lesser, and one day learned that we had the gift of healing, the gift of imparting this Word and seeing It appear as health and harmony, as family peace and as supply, And in what manner did that change come about?

Of course, in my particular case, the memory of it is as clear as if it had only happened this morning. I was a businessman with no thought of ever being anything other than a businessman when I was taken sick in the city of Detroit, went to a building that was filled with practitioners, and found a name on the bulletin board, and went up to this man’s office, and asked him to help me. He told me it was Saturday and didn’t take patients on Saturdays. He spent the day in meditation and prayer, but I asked him to look at me. I really had a bad cold and asked him “if he would turn me away,” and he said, “no, come on in.” And I came in, and he permitted me to stay there two hours with him.

He talked to me of the Bible. He talked to me of truth. Long before the two hours were up I was healed of that cold, and when I went out on the street I found I couldn’t smoke anymore, and when eating my dinner I found I couldn’t drink an alcoholic drink anymore. And the following week, I found that I couldn’t play cards anymore and had lost my interest in dancing. And the man—the businessman—had died. And two days later, one of my customers said to me, “You know, you could heal me, if you wanted to.” “How do you know that I could heal you?” “I just know it.” And I said, “Let’s try.” And the healing took place. And the next day, a man came to me and said, “You know, I have a feeling that you can heal me.” “What gave you that feeling?” “I don’t know. I don’t know what your religion is, but whatever it is I think your prayers would heal me.” And he was healed. And you know that went on for a year, and at the end of the year, I had so many patients I had to give up the business world. I had too few customers and too many patients.

The transformation had taken place. Where did it take place? Be honest. It took place in my consciousness, didn’t it? Not anywhere else, not outside. True, that teacher, that practitioner was the means, the avenue, the instrument who brought wakening to my consciousness, but the wakening had to take place within me. My mind was the same mind. As an individual, I was the same one whose whole thought was on business and pleasure, but all of a sudden, the whole thought was on God and healing. The same individual, the same mind, only with a transformation, such as took place in the experience of Moses—the realization of true identity—an experience that must have taken place in the minds of many others before and since.

In these twenty-odd years since that happened, I have met hundreds of practitioners and dozens of teachers, and I found they had much the same experience. They were all businessmen or women, clerks, housewives, salesmen, executives, and then all of a sudden, all of that had gone out of their experience, and they found themselves healing and teaching. What took place? A change of consciousness, that’s all. A change of consciousness within the individual.

I’m telling you this for one reason. I want you to see that the entire experience of going from the material sense of life to the spiritual is an activity of your consciousness. I would like you to see that you could experience lack and limitation one day and abundance the next day, with nothing but a change of your consciousness. It isn’t a question of whether you can reach God. It isn’t a question of whether you are deserving of it or worthy of it, because if your sins were as scarlet they would be made white as snow in the very next minute that this transformation takes place within your consciousness—your consciousness and mine.

Now once we understand this, understand that the whole difference between just being an ordinary human being one day and being a practitioner or healer the next day, or leading a mortal, material life one day and leading a spiritual life the next day is nothing more nor less than a change of consciousness, a change of your own individual consciousness. It takes place within you, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.

The first thing necessary for the change is this: the acknowledgment that God is not a God a far off, but that the kingdom of God, the whole realm of God is within your own being. That is the first and the very necessary step. We must understand that the place whereon I stand is holy ground; that right here and now God is. Therefore, right here and now all that the Father has is mine. That is number one.

Number two, we must understand that in as much as we are told to know the truth and the truth will make us free, that this knowing the truth is an activity of our consciousness, because without consciousness we can’t know anything. To know anything means to become conscious of it. And to become conscious of it means to have this consciousness of it, and to have a consciousness of it is, of course, an activity of our consciousness. Therefore, this entire transformation is one of consciousness.

The moment we know that God is our awareness of truth, God is our consciousness of truth, God is our individual consciousness, from that moment we know that the miracle of a cloud by day, the pillar of fire by night, the manna falling from the sky, the Red Sea opening, water coming from the rock, that that miracle isn’t a miracle taking place outside of us at all. It is the activity of our consciousness of truth appearing outwardly in these various forms and as these various activities. Then the moment you know this, you can understand the miracles of Jesus Christ. There were no miracles in the life of Jesus Christ taking place outside his being. The miracle was his realization that God was his consciousness. God was the substance of all form, and that this consciousness had to appear externally as fulfillment. Now you understand his statement, “I am come that ye might be fulfilled.”