1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
True Identity 2/5
Tape 617A

Wherever the consciousness of truth is, the miracles of life take place. They are not really miracles. They are the natural results of a consciousness of truth. They are only miracles to the person who doesn’t know how it is done. Just as we go to see the magician at the Horlaville house, we sit there and marvel at the wonderful tricks he has done while he says, “I wonder how they can be taken in like that. It is so easy and so natural.” Of course it is, for the magician. He knows how it is done and so Moses, Elijah, Jesus. It must be a miracle to them that we can so little understand and to expect them continuously to perform these miracles when they know how it is done, and they are trying their best to teach us. More especially Jesus was trying to teach the people of his day the universality of this great truth.

In this age, we have the benefit of many spiritual teachers and leaders who have been enabled to interpret, spiritually interpret Scripture, so that we now know what it is that performs the miracles of Grace. We know what it is that enables individuals to lead happy, normal, intelligent, prosperous lives. We know now that is not some far-off God that has to be contacted. We know that it is not some God sitting around in judgment on us waiting for us to be worthy of it, withholding our good until we become worthy. Oh, we know now that there is no withholding from us, just as we know that there is no bestowing God. There is only God, expressing Itself and available in every experience, awaiting our recognition of the Omnipresence of the I that I am.

What we have learned is this: that the way to achieve a spiritual life of Grace, the way to achieve health, harmony, wholeness, completeness, and perfection in our experience is to become conscious of the truth. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” not the truth shall make you free. No, no. Ye shall KNOW the truth, and the truth shall make you free. You must become conscious of truth in order for the truth to operate in your consciousness.

For instance, no one expects mathematics to operate in their consciousness, until they have become conscious of mathematics. No one of us expects to play piano or violin, until we have become conscious of music, of piano playing, or violin playing. These principles are available to all. Yes, in proportion, ah in proportion as we avail ourselves of the principles of mathematics, of music. In that degree can we bring forth and express them. So with spiritual truth—Ye shall know the truth. Ye shall become conscious of the principle of Life, then this truth, this principle, will make you free of inharmony, discord, lack, and limitation.

The first step in our spiritual progress is to know this: That God is infinite Mind. God is infinite Consciousness, and God is your mind and your consciousness. And, therefore, it is from your consciousness and mind that the issues of life must come—the issues of harmony, the activity of supply, the activity of health, and harmony, and wholeness. There is no way to bring it down from the sky. There is no far-off God to bring it. Praise and thanksgiving thou seekst not; praise and thanksgiving thou seekst not, just an understanding heart and an understanding mind. In other words, God is not sitting around waiting for us to get down on our knees to beg, and implore, and adore. Oh no, God is the Father-Mother principle to you. And we are told this in Scripture, “If you, as parents, give your children bread when they ask for it and not a stone or a serpent. You give them bread. How much more so is this true of the divine Father Mother?”

Certainly, God is greater in goodness, in support, in supply than we as humans are. We do not withhold from our children, even when they are bad. We do not discipline without the effort to make them see the true light. We don’t withhold food and clothing from them, just because they have been naughty. We do not starve them to death or beat them to death. Neither does our heavenly Father. So that has been the picture of God that has been presented to us through so many religious teachings. We are constantly under the belief that we are being punished for something that we have done or left undone, for some act of commission or omission. Never at any time are we under punishment. Never at any time are we under banishment. Never at anytime are we under the displeasure of God. At all times, God is the same loving Father that came out to meet the prodigal with the robe and the ring, as bad as that prodigal seemed to have been. Our heavenly Father is even more generous and comes even further out on the road to meet us as we turn to It.

Let us remember this: God truly is “closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet,” as our wonderful poet has told us, and that means as Jesus told us, “God is within. The kingdom of God is within you.” And so we know that God is not a physical entity. God is not within this physical frame. God, and the kingdom of God, the activity of God, is within our consciousness, within our awareness, within our knowingness, within our knowledge of truth. That is where God is to be found, within our knowledge of truth. Therefore, the consciousness of truth—your consciousness of truth and mine—would make of us a Moses, an Elijah, an Isaiah, a Jesus, a John, or a Paul, in proportion to that awareness.

Believe me, this is true. Your awareness of truth, oh let us go back. Moses was a shepherd on the hill. One day the miracle happened, and he becomes aware of his true identity. And he says, “Oh, I am that I am. I AM that I AM.” And immediately he is sent out and is made a leader of his people. From a shepherd, he becomes the leader of a Hebrew race. What made the difference overnight? His consciousness of the truth, his awareness of his true identity—I am that I am.