Meditation 26
Day 26: The Spirit of God Is Within Me

All power is in the Invisible appearing as visible form.
Therefore, all visible form reflects and expresses
the Divine Power of the invisible creative essence,
substance, law, activity.
A heart does not give me life,
But the life which I am, functions my heart.
The digestive and eliminative systems cannot give me health,
but the health of God, which I embody,
functions my digestive and eliminative organs.
My muscles cannot have strength but the Spirit of God,
which functions my muscles, has the strength and is the strength of my muscles.
The health of God, the invisible Spirit,
is the health of my visible form, for these are one and not two.
The secret word is Omnipresence.
The Spirit of God is within me,
functioning in every organ of my body,
functioning in every cell of blood,
functioning in every bit of tissue and hair.

God, the Invisible is appearing visibly as form,
and God is not separate from the form He creates.
Anymore than God is separate from the times and the tides,
and the suns, and the moons, and the stars.
God is the invisible substance, law, cause, and activity,
and all these things are the forms as which God appears.
God appearing as.
God appearing as.

How To Heal, 1958, Joel Goldsmith