Meditation 24
Day 24: God is the only power and I acknowledge no other power
Then I need not fear any power of disease.
I need not fear any power of climate or weather.
Oh! yes, yes, I well know that in this human world,
there are two powers—good and evil.
And the world is suffering from that belief.
I know that we never will go back to Eden,
to harmony,
until we obey the Master and live by the First Commandment:
“Thou shalt acknowledge no other power than God.
Thou shalt acknowledge no other presence than God.
Even to Pilate I will say, ‘Thou couldst have no power over me unless it came from God.
Even to death I will say, ‘Thou hast no power.
Come on, young man, get up. Come forth Lazarus.’”
Death has no power.
Since God is infinite,
God is the only power and I acknowledge no other power.
God is life’ I’m convinced of that.
And I’m convinced that the immortality of God means the immortality of life.
Well, then why should I fear disease?
Would it have any power over God,
if God is the only life there is, and that life is immortal?
Why, then should I fear the power of disease?
Well, certainly I know all the world’s claim that disease can kill you.
But can it, if my life is God, or if God is my life?
Can it?
No, of course not.
And the Master said,
“You never will know immortal life unless you lose that personal sense of life.”
How To Heal, 1958 Joel S. Goldsmith