Meditation 22
Day 22: God Is Functioning As My Individual Being

When you have contemplative prayer,
or you can even call it metaphysical treatment,
if you like, as when you are called upon to help somebody,
and you sit back,
and you’re not going to think about the patient
and you’re not going to think about their disease.
Otherwise, you’ll perpetuate both.
You’ll have an immortal patient and an immortal disease.

You drop them, and you turn to God.
And of course,
there’s nothing more profound than the two words:
God Is.
Of that I am sure.
God Is.
Everything in this life testifies to the fact that this Universe is run by Law:
the stars in their courses, the sun, the moon, nature, apples from apple trees,
peaches from peach trees, fish in the sea, birds in the air.
Everything points to a law that man neither made nor can man control.
It’s a Law, which existed before there was a man on earth,
according to the First Chapter of Genesis.

Therefore, I say, “God Is.”
God is, and God is about the business of being God.
It means God is functioning as the sun, and the moon, and the stars.
God is functioning as my individual being.
In fact, if it weren’t for God I wouldn’t have a mind or a soul or a life.

Therefore, God is functioning as my mind, as my life,
as my soul, even as my body, for my body is the Temple of the Living God.
And this is true of my patient, of my student and of me.

How To Heal part 4, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith