1961 Los Angeles Closed Class
by Joel S. Goldsmith
396A – Evolving Our Spiritual Capacities 5/5

Q:  Why is it more difficult to heal in divine metaphysics a fractured bone in one’s back than a fractured bone in one’s arm?

A:  Now who said it is? It isn’t, it isn’t. It isn’t any more difficult to heal a fracture one place than another. That doesn’t mean that in some particular case, an individual may not find it difficult or impossible to heal a fracture in some place. But that isn’t because in divine metaphysics it’s more difficult; it is only because either the student or the practitioner has not risen to that particular healing. And it is the same thing, the question is often brought up—really, when it comes up it isn’t a question, usually it’s a statement, and a misstatement—unto the effect that, “It must be very difficult to do this work in Chicago, because they’re not spiritual.” We hear that all the time about Chicago, we hear it about some other cities too. And you’d be surprised how many people believed it was going to be impossible to do this work in Germany. It flourishes there. Oh, no.

Place has nothing to do with it, place has nothing to do with it. The consciousness of the individuals seeking light, or the consciousness of those who are the transparency for the light—that determines it. It is true there are some cities that you will find almost no metaphysics taking place in them. You will find some cities where there are no metaphysical teachers, where there is no metaphysical activity, but don’t believe that it’s the fault of the city. No, no, no. No, it is the fault of the teachers who are capable who can’t go there, because they’re busy somewhere else. You see, if a spiritual teacher or practitioner is located in Los Angeles or San Francisco or Chicago or New York, it’s hardly likely that they’re going to go to Tyler, Texas. And therefore, we’ll say, “Well, I guess there’s no spirituality in Tyler, Texas.” Of course, there’s just as much there as here, and just as much longing for it, speaking of individual by individual.

But in this age where there are not too many spiritual teachers, naturally they cannot be in all of the places where they should be. The city, the location, has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the quality of the spiritual leadership, and the quality of the spiritual practitioners. If there are spiritual healers or spiritual teachers, be assured that any place on the face of the globe where they would like to settle, that is where they would find an infinite activity, an activity beyond counting, beyond measure.

Q:  Why is it that all good which comes honorably is not of God, even in the human realm?

A:  Well, that would go back to the Master’s statement, My kingdom is not of this world. The spiritual kingdom is not of this world. And there too, we sometimes err. Sometimes we believe that in the old religious belief that everybody in religious work should be poor. That was really a part of the religious work—a person’s poverty. Of course that was good for the churches because they got rich and didn’t have to share it. But in metaphysics we went to the other extreme, and we measured a person’s spirituality by the demonstration of whether they drove a Cadillac or a Ford, or whether they lived in Bel-Air or on the other side of the tracks. And that is equally wrong, because the spiritual nature evolves and becomes evident in harmony and abundance in one’s human affairs. But abundance need not take on the measure of a lot of dollars, or a certain make of automobile. Abundance can be made manifest as a sufficiency and twelve baskets full left over, it need not be an accumulation of lots of dollars.

On the other hand, where there is spirituality, there is the demonstration of sufficiency and not only sufficiency for one’s self, but a sufficiency for the feeding of others, and twelve baskets full left over besides. But let us not try to measure that down in terms of how much a practitioner or teacher may be worth, or what car they drive.

Now, it is in that same way then, that we can perform good human activities, such as philanthropy, and yet it have no basis at all in Spirit. And it could be humanly very, very good, but not necessarily based in the Spirit.

Q:  By what authority is it known that it was nine years between Paul’s revelation of the Christ, and his going forth to teach and heal through the Christ?

A:  Well, you will find that there are scholars, biblical scholars, who have written books on the life of Paul, and who have documented those books from manuscripts which exist. Not only as part of scripture, but manuscripts which exist in the Vatican in Rome, and manuscripts which exist in London at the museum, and many other places in the world. Especially now, manuscripts that are in possession of these libraries that are collecting the newer manuscripts from the Dead Sea Scrolls and other manuscripts that have come to light. So that there is a world of religious material available in libraries, in museums, in private collections. And scholars, more especially biblical scholars, religious scholars, have access to these. And from these come this information about Paul, and lots of other information that we have.