1961 Los Angeles Closed Class
by Joel S. Goldsmith
396A – Evolving Our Spiritual Capacities 4/5

The activity of The Infinite Way is built really on this, because it was my own personal experience that with the power of meditation, with the practice of meditation, there was awakened this faculty that has resulted in all of this activity. It wasn’t anything that could have happened in my business days, it isn’t anything that could have happened in my school days. All of this that has evolved as the message of The Infinite Way and its activities—all has taken place only since that faculty was awakened, since that faculty came into being. And so it has been that the major goal of this message is awakening that faculty.

Now, one of the two functions of this particular class will be the awakening of that faculty. In other words, everything that will take place since this series was started, even the lecture series, everything that has taken place, is aimed in that direction and everything that will take place is aimed at that direction of opening that faculty in you.

This faculty is awakened not merely by the hour or two that we spend here together. Oh no. From the moment that your thought was aroused to partake of this work, the activity was begun in your consciousness. Not by you, but by whatever it was in your makeup, in your nature, that sent you in this direction, for this purpose. In other words, something led you here. You would be surprised if you knew how many calls I have had in these last two days, of people who want to join this class now, because they have just recently heard of it. And how many would have been here had this work been advertised? But you see that would have defeated the very purpose of our work.

Right from the beginning of The Infinite Way it has been the idea not to publicize, but to wait for those to be led—in whom something was working, to bring them here. That isn’t my function, that’s God’s function; that is whatever it is that’s leading you toward your ultimate experience. Then my function, from the very moment that the instruction was given me to arrange for this class, my function has been to meditate, day and night. Not with you in mind, only with the idea of opening my consciousness to this inflow; so that whoever might touch it, would be touched by it. As I said last night, this room is a temple; this room is a consciousness, and in the midst of it is the Tree of Life, God. And anyone who sends their thought, or whose thought is led in the direction of this room, must find healing or peace or harmony. Not because of the beauty of the room or its lighting or its walls, but because of the consciousness that is assembled here in the name, in the nature of God, of spiritual realization.

That makes of your consciousness the temple of God; that makes of our united consciousness the temple of God; that makes of this room the temple of God. And God is in the midst of us. God is in the midst of us by virtue of our conscious realization of that Presence, by virtue of our consciously turning within, to the bringing forth of that Presence.

Now the first step in this awakening is a step that you did not take. It was taken for you. The step was whatever it is, call it by any name, that sent you here, that brought you here; something did. Something did. You’d be surprised that some people here have had to spend one or more thousands of dollars in order to be here in this room, and you would find that there are others here who have not had to spend one penny—so that money had nothing to do with it; something other than money had to do with your presence here. And that something or other is whatever it is, that not only sent your thought in this direction, but so arranged your affairs that you could be here in spite of what might have seemed as positive handicaps that would keep you away.

Something or other touched you in this direction, and that is the very first element of your awakening. That should be the proof to you that there is something operating in your inner parts greater than yourself; there is something operating in your consciousness: leading you, guiding you, directing you, supporting you, supplying you, sustaining you; there is something operating in your consciousness of which you may not have been aware. Some of you surely have not been aware of the fact that there was a transcendental presence operating in you, leading you step-by-step—probably through the study of metaphysics of one school or another, probably through disease, probably through sin.

Do you remember what it was that took Joseph to Egypt, to become the second in command of that nation? It was being sold into slavery, that’s what brought Joseph into Egypt and made it possible for him to be second to the ruler and the great mind of Egypt. Being sold into slavery made it possible. Without that, he would have been at home, the very pampered son of a very rich man, and he probably would have amounted to very little. But being sold into slavery, shipped to Egypt, a slave in the home of the ruler—this it was that ultimately prepared him for the position he was to assume. And how many of us do you think there are who have only come to whatever state of realization we have because some sickness or some sin, some unhappiness, some failure compelled us, forced us, drove us, until we went far enough within to find this hidden manna: this I that is my meat, my wine, my water; this I that is within me that is mighty; this I that is within me, that goes before me.

The second element in this spiritual awakening will be the meditation, the prayer, the spiritual work of the teacher. The third element will be the meditation, the prayer work of those students who have already been on this Infinite Way path for many years and have already been awakened. They constitute the two or more who are gathered here in this name and nature of Christ, of spiritual sonship; they are the two or more who are gathered together to lift us up.

And so there are three elements operating: that within you which brought you; that within the teacher that constitutes the teacher; that within the consciousness of those who have already been opened and awakened, who already have attained some measure of God realization and who unite to lift us all. And so it really should be inevitable that this week should bear great fruitage in this room, in the consciousness of those here, and either bring the awakening into light, or at least set you on the path of contemplative meditation, inner questioning, until that center is opened that answers you. And that of course is the step leading to your illumination.

Q:  You said the greatest sin is desire, could you explain this a little more fully. I wouldn’t be in this class had I not had the desire to come here.

A:  That of course is correct, because the desire that I mean was sin was a desire for things, accomplishments, the desire for worldly things, worldly success. That desire is, spiritually speaking, sin. There is a true desire, you’ll find it in my writings, the true desire is to know Him aright, whom to know aright is life eternal. If we work with that desire, and come to the place where we know Him aright as we started in this contemplative meditation, you will find that that desire wasn’t our desire. That desire was planted in us by this presence and power that was leading us to the ultimate realization. This is true when we come to the healing work. When we come to the healing work, the greatest barrier that you can raise up is the desire to heal somebody. And I caution our students also about a desire to be a do-gooder, a desire to want to save the world, a desire to want to heal everybody. Those are very fine desires out in the human world, but spiritually they are barriers. Because, until you have attained your spiritual light you have no way to save, not only the world, you haven’t a way to save an individual—hardly a way to save yourself. So why waste energy desiring to save the world.

Spend your energy on attaining this light. And then you will find you won’t have a world to save, this light will do it for you. It will save the world that comes into your awareness. In other words, those who come to you to be fed, will be fed; not by virtue of your desire to feed them, but by virtue of your having attained spiritual light. You need never fear. Once you attain that light, you will have infinite opportunities to help others, many more than you will feel called upon to help, or able, perhaps, although you will find that your ability is the ability of God, and therefore infinite, and never will be called upon to too great an extent.