1961 Los Angeles Closed Class
by Joel S. Goldsmith
396A – Evolving Our Spiritual Capacities 3/5

Now, this contemplation then, which starts as a purely human mental activity, this contemplation gradually leads us back step-by-step to a place within our own consciousness, where the answer pops out at us; the natural answer, the right answer. The answer that’s always been available if only we had stopped taking somebody else’s word for it, or if we must take someone else’s word for it—take only the word of those who have lived through the centuries, through the ages as recognized spiritual lights. If you must take somebody’s word, go back to Lao Tzu and go back to Buddha, and go back to Jesus or Moses, go back to Elijah, go back to John, go back to Paul, and take their word for it. And you’ll find that they all agree on the fact that the kingdom of God is within us. You’ll find that they all agree that the name of God is I. I Am that I Am; I Am; I in the midst of thee am mighty. It is I that will never leave thee nor forsake thee; it is I that was with thee in the beginning; it is I that am your meat and your wine and your water. Therefore, the substance of life, the essence, the life stream, the source, the creative principle is I, that which is my true identity, the reality of my being.

All of this begins to unfold within through questioning ourselves, contemplating, being willing to empty ourselves of preconceived beliefs, opening ourselves to an inner wisdom in the assurance that when Paul says, thy grace is my sufficiency, that he was saying it unto us. And therefore, that God’s grace is within us, and it is our sufficiency, and we can get our wisdom from the grace of God that is within us. The grace of God will give us the answer to every problem. The grace of God, if we only recognize it, the grace of God is within us, whether we are in a holy temple or a hotel room or a prison or a hospital or on the street or in our home. If only we will recognize that the place whereon I stand is holy ground, then I can turn to the Father within me at any time of the day or night; I can turn to the Father within me. And, even though I do not receive my answers immediately, remember how many centuries I have been cut off from my source, and now I’m awakening that inner faculty, I’m bringing that Father within to conscious realization, I’m bringing to light that which has been hidden in me called “the hidden manna.”

(Long pause)

This contemplative form of meditation awakens that Christ, that spiritual center, that soul faculty. And then a whole new experience opens to us. We are never again alone; we are never again living our own lives by our own power exclusively. In other words, there is now, after we have awakened this, after we have roused this dormant faculty, there is a presence within us. Sometimes we’re actually conscious of it as a presence, but even when we’re not, we know it’s there by the way our lives are being lived, in other words, by the fruitage. And it is a presence that goes before us to make the crooked places straight, to arrange things for us, to do for us, to prepare for us; to, yes, prepare those many mansions.

And this is not in the form of religious statements; it is not the form of a religious belief, not even a conviction—it is an actual experience. It is finding perhaps that some phase of your business that was blocking, or being blocked, all of a sudden is opened; that some idea that had been hidden from you all of a sudden comes into manifestation and expression; or that some inner guidance came. You’d be surprised that it operates even in such mundane affairs as what investments to buy and what to sell and when. It seems strange, but it is true that this spiritual wisdom operates in the most mundane of our affairs, even the most material of our affairs. Why? Well, not because God has any knowledge of whether the stock market’s going up or down. But it is because an inner faculty of discernment is aroused in us, and we are able to utilize that in connection with any form of activity.

I remember back in my business buying days, that merchandise would be placed on a table in front of me, and then I would throw them to the left, and then all of a sudden stop and throw one to the right; and a lot more to the left, and one to the right. And always these on the right were the ones that were bought.

And then you might ask me, as my man over there did often, “Why did you select those?” And my answer is, “I don’t know why they’re different than these; I don’t know, but these are what I’m buying.” And with one exception, it was the wise thing to do. In other words, it is certainly true that spiritual intuition does not know the difference between the right garment or the wrong garment, or the right shoe or the wrong shoe, but our intuitive vision may be applied to even such a thing as buying our shoes.

Now we are concerned with this—not that God knows what we should buy or what we should sell, or for whom we shall work or what line of merchandise we should be represented in—not that. What we concern ourselves with is this: that if I have this awakened soul faculty, this that you may call the “all knowing mind,” when it looks out on this world of affairs, it knows exactly what I am to do and shows it to me, points it out to me, directs me to it, even if it was something that ordinarily would not have come to my attention. In other words, we are not concerned now, with what is out here, but with the attainment of this awakened Christ faculty, spiritual faculty, Son of God faculty, soul faculty.