Meditation 20
Day 20: God Is

God appears as this universe.
God unfolds Himself as this universe,
and so when you begin to see this,
you’ll know that God isn’t a power here,
creating a universe here.
Nor is God a power here patching up a universe.
There’s no such thing.
God is the very life, law, and substance
that appears on your tree as fruit.
God is the very life, law, substance,
and activity that appears in your hand as your baby.
God is the very law and life and activity and substance
that appears to us as ourselves, each other, and this universe.
And the creating never began.
It is a continuous unfoldment of God
revealing Himself throughout all time.

When you see that,
you do not think of God as a power to which you can turn now and ask God,
‘heal this body’ or put fruit on my tree or bring me supply.
You can’t do that if you understand the Nature of God.
All you can do is realize Omnipresence.
The very moment you say, “God is,”
you have prayed the prayer of all the ages
that results in harmonious demonstration.

How To Heal part4, 1958,Joel S Goldsmith