Meditation 19
Day 19: “God as no power, for God is not power.”

We are not to think of God as a power that can do something to you or for you.
For that would be placing God in time and space,
and God is not to be limited to time and space.
In the same way it would be putting a start on God’s work
and that takes you entirely out of the realm of an infinite, immortal God.

We speak of God as the Creative Principle of this entire Universe,
including man.
But actually that brings up a picture in your mind of a God
that really created something at some time,
and as long as you hold to that belief
you cannot rightly understand the nature of God,
for God has never created anything at anytime.
Any such belief puts God in time and space
and with a beginning and that takes away
God’s eternality and immortality.
I ask you rather to see God as an infinite Invisible,
appearing as this universe
rather than as starting it,
creating it,
making it at a time.