1960 England Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
354B – Transformation of Consciousness 3/4

So it is that the grace of God is not going to function in you after you have read a certain amount of books, or after you have meditated a certain amount of times, or after you have done a certain amount of good deeds. The grace of God is functioning in you at this moment, but the question is …  and this is the question the Master raised, What about the soil? Fertile soil, rocky soil, barren soil. And our consciousness is the soil in which the grace of God operates. And if we have barren soil, the grace of God never comes into visibility as fruitage. If we have rocky soil, it may produce a little flower here and there, a little demonstration here and there, but these soon wither, and there is no permanence to them.

And so it is that if we are to bear fruit richly, and continuously, and permanently, and abundantly, it can only be done through a receptivity of consciousness, a fertile consciousness through which the grace of God can function and become manifest.

Now the Master, in pointing out to us all that ye have heard it said in the past, told us definitely what must be eliminated from our consciousness in order to have fertile soil. And then when he tells us but I say unto you, he then tells us the very specific activities of thought and conduct and being that we must embrace in order that we may have fertile soil.

And of course, he winds it up by telling us that if you abide in this word, this word which he has given us, remember, in and as the Sermon on the Mount … if you abide in this word, if you abide in praying for the enemy, if you abide in forgiving seventy times seven, if you abide in doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. If you were to abide in all of this course of consciousness that he has outlined, and if you let Me, God, abide in you, then you will bear fruit richly. In other words, the grace of God can now function because you have spiritually fertile soil.

Now you see, this “letting me abide in you” is referred to in all mystical literature as practicing the presence of God. It means acknowledging Him in all thy ways, so that he may give thee rest. It means keeping the mind stayed on God so that we may find His rest. It means abiding in the assurance of his presence and of his power, and it means accepting one of the great principles revealed by the Master that there is but one power.

In other words, here there needs to be a very definite practice, because all of us were born and brought up in the belief of two powers, a good power and an evil power. And, just as the world today is asking itself, “is there a God power going to come along and destroy these evil powers? Is there a God power going to save us from bombs or communism?”

So it is that we, too, have been hypnotized into believing that there are two powers, so that I’m sure that many of us often also wonder, “Is God going to come along and destroy the evil powers that threaten us in our generation?” And the answer is “no, God isn’t, any more than God ever has before.” And that doesn’t mean that the world can’t be saved, any more than it means that we, individually can’t be saved, just because someone has said that there is no medicine with which to cure us.

It means, however, that to be saved is going to depend on our ability to mold our consciousness in order that we may be a fertile consciousness, receptive and responsive to the grace of God, which is already functioning within us.

Now, we ban, we bar this power of grace every time we expect a good power to destroy an evil power; every time we expect God to remove some form of evil, sin, disease, death, lack or limitation. Every time we look to the one good God power to do something to an evil power, we bar its operation.

Only in the degree that we can transform our consciousness to where we can accept that Thou, God, art the only power, and beside thee there are no other powers. “I shall not fear what man can do to me, I shall not fear what conditions can do to me, I shall not fear the armies of the aliens.” All of these have but temporal power which, in the realization of God, is no power.

Every time that you can bring to conscious remembrance sin, disease, infection, contagion, accident, alcohol, wars, communism, bombs, all of these are temporal powers, the arm of flesh, which, in the realization of God’s allness, makes them impotent. Every time you can bring your consciousness to that point, you are not only bringing greater freedom into your experience, you’re bringing it into the experience of the entire world.

It takes only one with Truth, to save multitudes. Don’t ever forget, just one, one – one practitioner has healed tens of thousands of patients: One. Think what one thousand practitioners can do. In fact, what they have done. One individual, whose consciousness is imbued with the realization of God as all power, that one individual is enough to save cities, communities, to stop infections and contagions, to stop storms. One individual, quietly, confidently realizing, quietly or confidently looking at Pilate, and saying thou couldst have no power over me, except God power.

One individual looking at the crippled and saying what did hinder you? God is the only power. One individual; two or more gathered together, or ten righteous men in a city, all of these indicate how just a few really could save the world. Not by invoking deity, not by praying to God to do something to our enemies, but by settling back in quietness and in confidence, and realizing: Is there some power other than God? And whence did it come?