1960 England Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
354B – Transformation of Consciousness 1/4

Good evening.
This is so close to the end of our 1960 trip that it is very natural for me to look back and review what has happened since the trip began. When we start out on a trip like this, I never know what the nature of the message is going to be, or what form it is going to take. And so it is that I watch in each city, in each class, each lecture, to see what it is that is unfolding, and what kind of pattern it makes. And so it is that by the end of a trip, I can look back and see how a definite pattern has formed, how some particular message has come out into expression.

The outstanding idea or clarification that I have witnessed this trip is this. Before the days when we knew anything about electricity and its uses, it would have been a very difficult thing to say to this world, “Do you know there is a principle available to us, closer to us than breathing, right here in the air that we breathe, that if we tune in to it, or if we hook it up, will give us light, heat, cold, energy, power?”

Oh yes, we know about sunlight, we know about … “Oh no, this is a power that no one knows anything about. You can’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, and yet, it will do all of these things for us.” And you can realize how difficult it would have been to convince anyone of that until an actual demonstration was given.

In the same way, some of you, like myself, can remember the days before wireless telegraphy, and remember even how it was spoken about, that if there were such a thing, if it were possible to communicate with ships at sea, what a great benefit it would be to them, and how many tragedies would be averted. And little did we dream that not only there was a power available to us that would enable us to communicate with ships at sea, but more than that, we could bring this right into our homes and hear the great news of the day, the philosophies of the day, the music, everything could be brought right into our homes through this very power of wireless. How many other things can we remember that, within our own life spans, would not have been possible to explain or make anyone believe in? And now, they are accepted as commonplace.

And so the outstanding idea that has clarified itself to me is this; that we, too, are dealing with something that the world does not believe in, because it can’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. And it has been trying to contact it erroneously. And therefore, it cannot believe that right here where we are, closer than breathing, filling this space, this air that we breathe, filling our very being and body, that there is also a power, a something, that can transform any life, that can bring about as drastic a change as from sin to purity, from poverty to abundance, from disease to health¬ – almost from death to life. And here it is all about us. The world has been seeking it for thousands of years under the name of God, and has been searching for it in every way that would help to keep it hidden, instead of arriving at an awareness of this principle, of this law, of this presence, of this power that would make it available to all of us.

Now, every one of you who has witnessed a physical, mental, moral, or financial healing, or the healing of human relationships, has seen this presence or power at work. Or rather, you have witnessed the result, or fruitage of it, even while not knowing what this “It” really is, or without knowing how it functions, or how to bring it into your experience.

Now, out of our experience we bring this to you: that this that we call God, this that we call the presence or the power of God, can be brought into our individual experience, and eventually into all collective experience and by a way that is known, by a way that may be practiced by anyone who has to start with, the leading, the inspiration, the desire to find it.

Above all things, you must remember this: This presence or power is not available to those who close their minds to it because nothing can enter our experience unless it enters by means of our own consciousness. And this may explain to you why you may have tried to help someone with truth, you may have tried to bring healing to someone with truth, and found that they did not respond, or that it did not work. Actually, it wasn’t because it didn’t work, it was because there was a closed door through which it could not enter. And that door is the door of individual consciousness. We do have the ability to shut it out. Everyone has the ability to reject Truth, or God, or Spirit. And, strangely enough, many who most earnestly believe that they are seeking it are most effectively shutting it out.

Oh, there are many reasons for this. The most important is that most people have a concept of what God is, and what God is supposed to do for them, and the way in which God is supposed to be received, and if the subject is presented outside of that particular way, the mind is shut to bar it out. In other words, there are some people who cannot accept it on Sunday because Saturday is the Sabbath, and there are those who cannot accept it on Saturday because Sunday is the Sabbath. And there are others who cannot receive it unless it has a crucifix attached to it. Others cannot receive it unless it has a swastika attached to it. In other words, each one tries to have God fit into a pattern which they have been told about, and they cannot accept it in any other way.