1960 Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
309B – Coming Into the Awareness of Spirit 5/5

Now, here you have a basic principle to which you can always turn whether it is for the solution of a problem for you, your family, your neighbors, your patients, your students, or even if it is a national or international problem. Don’t think for a minute that God is limited to just providing a solution for your little home. That would be a sad kind of a God to worship. If you believe that you have a problem of national import, God can solve it without inflating your ego. Even if the solution comes through you that would save a whole nation it would leave no room for the inflation of your ego; you would merely have been the instrument through which this solution came.

And I can assure you that if we could meet this man in Israel who has brought this great solution to the world you would find a man of humility. Not a man of bloated ego because he had stopped mass murder and solved the problem of feeding the world, but a man of humility because he would recognize he had been used by God. Not that he had used God, but that God had used him as an instrument.

And so, if you have a problem of weather in your city, if you have a problem of epidemic in your city, if you have a national election coming up, don’t be afraid to go to the Father within you for the answer. Because, through you, the Father can answer the whole problem of a national election and leave you more humble in spirit then you ever were before because you would have witnessed the hand of God in action. And you would thereby have known how little a part we play except our willingness to turn within for a solution instead of turning to the brain or to books.

Now then, next to that we have this principle of impersonalizing the evil, and this means denying the evil a person in whom on whom or through whom to operate. In other words, look upon every evil as if it were being offered by a tempter, as if you were seeing Satan stand before the Master, and you having the ability to say, “Get thee behind me, I’m having none of it.”

In the same way then, when you see sin or disease or poverty or lack in another, be sure that you impersonalize it by not accepting it for them, any more than you would want to accept it for yourself. And realize: This that I am seeing is no part of man; it is a part of impersonal evil, the evil one or carnal mind or mortal mind; that which is without father or mother; that which has no law of God to sustain it, has no mind of God to sustain it, therefore is the arm of flesh or nothingness.

When you witness such things as infection, contagion, epidemic, realize this is temporal power just as Hezekiah recognized that the army that was twice as strong as his was only temporal power, and temporal power being not of God is not power. Do you see why temporal power isn’t of God? It’s a power over another power; it’s a power unto another power. Therefore it can’t be of God, because that which is of God is never a power over anything; it is always infinite power, the only power.

You are only in the spiritual realm of demonstration when you are not using truth to overcome error, when you are not using God to overcome evil, when you are standing fast in the realization: Temporal power isn’t power, for God alone is power! Material power or mental power isn’t power because Spirit is infinite; therefore spiritual power must be the only power. Do you follow that? You have to be as clear on this as I am; that if you behold any form of material power appearing as bullets or bombs, infection, contagion, epidemic that you must see it as temporal power, and therefore as no power. Because the only real power is Spirit, because Spirit is God and God is infinite, and therefore, there can’t be another power for Spirit to do something to.

You may look at any phase of discord and see that there is some law upholding it, either a material law of germs or a law of heredity or a law of something or other. It’s either a law of matter or a law of mind. All you have to do is to sit quietly and realize that since God is Spirit and law is God or God is law, all law is spiritual law and this nullifies the belief that there is any power in either material law or mental law. Only if you can see God as Spirit, and then can see that God is the lawgiver, therefore all law must be spiritual law. Now don’t use spiritual law to overcome material or mental law, you’ll lose. But in recognizing spiritual law as all law, you realize that material and mental law is not law, it’s a belief in two powers; it’s a belief in a power apart from God, but it is not law!

When you work with principles such as these, you are developing your spiritual consciousness, because you are coming into the awareness of Spirit, and then you’re living in Spirit. And when you’re living in Spirit, you can say with the Master, “What did hinder you, pick up your bed and walk; open your eyes; I forgive thee; neither do I condemn thee.” Why? I am living in a spiritual realm in which sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, material law, and mental laws are temporal powers or the arm of flesh or nothingness. See that?

But don’t use God to overcome something, recognize God as all. Don’t use spiritual law to overcome material or mental law or legal law; don’t do it! But recognize that since God is spiritual law that even legal law can’t stand; it can’t stand up. There’s a law of God that will supersede even legal law. If you are recognizing God alone as law, spiritual law alone as power, then everything before you is wiped away.

That is why, in our 1959 and 60 work, you will find all of these principles as clearly stated, as I have stated them to you tonight and last night. But remember this, I wouldn’t give you these separate from the message as a whole because they would become a mental exercise and a formula, and they wouldn’t work.

I can only give you these against the background of your own spiritual development. And that is why you’ll find that this is an important book, Living the Infinite Way. This is important, because in it you are elevated and lifted and lifted into that realm of spiritual consciousness, where Spirit alone Is and all else is temporal, finite, nothing.

Thank you.