1960 Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
309B – Coming Into the Awareness of Spirit 4/5

Mysticism, which is conscious contact with God, always reveals neither do I condemn thee; and though your sins be scarlet, you’ll be white as snow; I will never leave thee nor forsake thee; and God’s reign falls on the just and the unjust. And every mystic, everyone who has attained conscious realization of God, has received this same message and it is to be found in the Scripture of all people. Therefore, when we come across these things, it is like coming across an article. Well as a matter of fact, I was right here in Seattle when it came out in a magazine, and I read it to a class here from a magazine: An article by a Roman Catholic priest, a Protestant minister, and a Hebrew rabbi, all nationally known figures in the United States answering the editor’s question: “If there is a God, why do we have these children suffering diseases, and innocent men and women with diseases and accidents and alcoholism? And all three of these answered, “We don’t know, but God must be giving us a lesson of some kind.”

Now that isn’t in Scripture, that isn’t in any mystical literature of the world; nowhere is God blamed. Scripture tells us that God has no pleasure in your dying. Scripture tells us the Master came to do the will of the Father, which is to heal disease and raise the dead. But these people, who are spiritually blind, can’t read it in their own Bible. So it is! Don’t quibble about words; go within for spiritual meanings and unfoldments, and they’ll come to you.

And so before I go into the next … kind of strange that this question is here: is there a spiritual interpretation to the movement in large numbers of Jewish refugees to the new state of Israel? I really don’t know whether there is a spiritual meaning to it, although behind everything there is God. There could be no activity of that nature without God being in it some way. But whether it has a special spiritual significance, I don’t know. But this I want to tell you, and this goes back … because you see there is a very important message being given you this week, and being given to me. I don’t know that you have caught the significance of it yet, I haven’t in its fullness, but there is something very important in this class.

And you will remember that I told about the shortage of horses and praying for horses when right around the corner was the invention of the automobile. In other words, instead of praying for more horses, using our intelligence as to what we would need, had those in that day just sat back and listened, “Father what is the solution to this problem? We don’t want a material solution of just more horses, but what is the spiritual solution?” We soon would have heard that a whole new era of transportation is opening. And I gave that illustration to show that behind human events there is this primal Consciousness moving forward into expression through us and appearing as newer and higher ways of living.

Well now, this past year you have all been aware of the subject of the explosion of population. And you undoubtedly know that the meaning of it is that the population is increasing so rapidly that soon we won’t be able to feed them, and so what are we going to do with this increasing population? Now you see, we won’t even mention the fact that our farmers are right now being paid hundreds of millions of dollars every year not to raise crops, and that every warehouse is so filled with food that you couldn’t rent storage in a warehouse anywhere in the entire United States, it’s so bursting full with unused foods. We won’t even mention that except as a side issue.

But, the point that I want to make to you is that since this problem came to human consciousness, you would think that somebody would lean back and say, “Father, what is the solution?” But no, we don’t have to do that, because we have very wise men, very wise men in our universities and in the ministries, and they have given us a solution without any help from God: “We will murder the population. We will murder all the unborn population; and we will let the present population of China and India die off of starvation themselves and gradually you’ll see that we’ll reduce the population to where we can feed them.” That’s the subject of “the explosion of population” and the solution that was arrived at by our great brains.

Well I don’t know whether you know it; you haven’t read anything about that in the last three weeks, in your newspapers. And the reason is that God solved the solution without murder. It’s all been solved and it doesn’t have to appear anymore in the papers. A man in Israel discovered the secret of drawing fresh water from the ocean so inexpensively that all of the deserts and all of the wildernesses of the world can be fertilized. No more are there going to be deserts or wildernesses but as our Isaiah and Jesus have prophesied, the deserts will blossom like a rose. And a company in the United States, the Fairbanks-Whitney Company, has built the machinery; it’s all ready to set in operation over in Israel.

Well of course they have … you’ve read Scripture; you know how much desert land they have; you know how much wilderness they have. Moses was lost out there for forty years in it. By the time they get that settled with this water, they’ll have enough food to sell to everybody on earth. But beside that you’ve also traveled our deserts, and you know how much of wilderness we still have. And just imagine now that for a few cents, we are going to draw fresh water from the oceans, into every part of our inland.

And so, murder isn’t really necessary. God has provided that we shall live, and live more abundantly. Wouldn’t you think that passage of Scripture would stand out: I have come that ye might have life, and that ye might have life more abundantly without having to get a solution that calls for mass murder?

Now again, I’m bringing this to you as a part of the major theme of this lesson, of this class, that behind the physical world, behind the visible world, there is that which we call God or Consciousness, infinite divine Consciousness, pushing Itself into expression as individual consciousness and bringing to light the love of God, and of thy neighbor as thyself. And you can imagine that this discoverer of this process, who incidentally is a very religious man in his religion. This man is acting under contact with God and is able to bring forth that which testifies to the love of God for man, and enables man to love his neighbor as himself.

This particular class that we are having has as its main theme: “Primal Consciousness,” “transcendental Consciousness,” “infinite divine Consciousness,” which is God coming through wherever there is receptivity. You see, there wasn’t receptivity over here in these universities and churches where we were planning mass murder. There was a leaning unto their own understanding; there was a human working out of a problem without turning to the within. But you see that as you turn to the within, there is a solution to our individual problems, so that we do not have to steal; we do not have to lie, cheat, or defraud; we do not have to murder. I know all the appearances, I know what the world … I was part of the world for long enough, I know all of its arguments. But I say that there is no need for such solutions because there is a within-ness—turn to the Father within, turn to the kingdom within.

Not within anything, just within me, wherever I may be or whoever or whatever I may be, turn within. And the only way I know of doing it, is to close the eyes to the “without,” and let the Father within me, let this infinite divine spiritual Consciousness reveal to me the solution to my problem or to your problem.

Now, as my consciousness becomes imbued with the Divine, it is Divine. That is why it has healing power; that is why it has supplying power; that is why it has comforting power. Because as consciousness, individual consciousness, becomes imbued with the divine, it becomes divine and the human dies. The human consciousness begins to fade away, and all that is left is the divine. Ultimately then, someone may come to the fullness of that mind which was in Christ Jesus and lift the whole world.