Meditation 16
Day 16: God is being me

The secret is then that the source of your supply
is your own consciousness of God as supply.
Now so it is with health.
Health is a matter of individual, spiritual consciousness
your consciousness.
If you seek a help of a practitioner,
then in that moment, your health depends on the developed,
spiritual consciousness of your practitioner.
But, that isn’t going to do you much good forever,
because sooner or later you’re going to be in a position
where it’ll be your developed consciousness or none.
And our function as students is to develop our individual consciousness to the point
not only of being healed,
but of healing.

You have to come back to this basic truth
that since I and the Father are one,
God is my being.
You might put it this way:
God is being me.
God is being me.
God is living my life.
“I live,” says Paul, “yet not I. Christ liveth my life.”

You have come to that point ultimately where you say, I don’t have health. I don’t have wealth. I don’t have anything. This is God’s life, God’s health being me, living me. I live yet not I this is Christ the Son of God living my life.

Joel S Goldsmith,
How To Heal part 2