Meditation 14
Day 14: I Am A Child Of God

There is a grace of God,
an invisible spiritual something
that makes us individual you and me.
And so long as I’m not looking at you, but through you,
I am understanding that the qualities of God are your individual qualities.
Then when we meet personally,
you prove it in some one way or another.

So it is all over this globe.
You never look at people.
You look through them.
And in looking through them
you perceive that since they are all children of God
they must have that meat, wine, and water the same as all others have.
They must have the same qualities of God,
even though all people may not at the moment be using them.

But you’d be surprised how the moment
you commence to recognize the presence of God in an individual,
they begin to act that way toward you.
You change the nature of men and women
by recognizing their true identity.
It’s a marvelous thing that happens.
You begin to perceive that every individual
is an inlet and an outlet for the grace of God.
And your recognition of it in them brings out that quality to you.

This is called the impersonalization of good. It is what enabled the Master to say, “Why callest thou me good?”
I’m just an instrument through which good is flowing.
I’m just a child of God, and the Father within me is flowing out to you.
So don’t call me good.
You’ll get yourself all tripped up.
It’s God that is good.
I merely let the flow take place.

How to Heal part 1, 1958, Joel S. Goldsmith