Meditation 12
You are Self-complete in God.

This is the truth you must know about your Self,
but then this is the same truth that you will know
when those come to you for help or healing.
Always you will know that I—they—and the Father are One,
and you will know their fullness and their completeness,
and you will know it silently and secretly,
and you will know the same truth,
even if you know their human history,
even if you know humanly they are sinners,
even if you know that humanly that they are nasty and mean.
That will not change you,
because you will be speaking of them in their true identity
and in their true relationship,
and you will not be judging by appearances.
For one thing the Master cautioned against was judging by appearances.
Always judge righteous judgment.

By knowing the true identity of individual being,
individual you and me,
individual he and she,
individual cat and dog:
By knowing this and knowing that the fullness of the Godhead
bodily is represented in each individual expression of that infinite Godhead,
you are knowing the truth of the Self-completeness of every individual,
and that word Self is spelt with a capital “S,”
meaning completeness in the one Self or God.
By virtue of your relationship with the one Self,
capital “S” Self, God-Self, you are Self-complete.
You need not think of any man whose breath is in his nostril.
You are Self-complete in God.

Joel S. Goldsmith, 1958, How to Heal part1