Meditation 11
I am an Instrument of God

As I abide in the Kingdom,
then it is that through others my good comes to me.
It isn’t from them.
The Father is using them as an instrument,
the same as the Father is using me.
Whatever benefit you get from my being here,
you are not getting from me.
You are getting from your Father,
because it was to your Father that you turned for light,
and it is your Father that is answering in this way,
and I am merely an instrument
through which your prayers are answered.

Long before you knew there was an Infinite Way or long before you knew there was a Joel Goldsmith, you were praying for truth. You were praying for light. You weren’t praying to me, and you weren’t praying to the Infinite Way, you were praying to God, and it is God that is answering your prayer, and I just happen to be an instrument.

Joel S Goldsmith, How To Heal part1, 1958