Meditation Day 8
I Have Meat

Now in the same way, the Master says the disciplines are fearful, because he hasn’t eaten lunch. Shall we go to the city and buy thee some meat?

No, I have meat the world knows not of.
What meat did the Master have?
The Word of God was his meat and his substance,
the Will of God, the life of God that he has.

And so, when your patient or student says,
“shall I borrow some money to get past this experience?
Or shall I steal some money to get past this experience or…?”
No, no.
Don’t go anywhere for anything.
Remain where you are,
and acknowledge I have meat the world knows not of,
and if you are patient,
you will find that everything you need will work its way right to your doorstep.

Only acknowledge that you have no lack, for to him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath, and the moment you say I have lack of health, lack of vision, lack of spirit, lack of supply, even the little that you have you’ll find fading from you. But to him that hath shall be given. Therefore, acknowledge I have meat.

Whether you’re speaking of health, whether you’re speaking of inspiration, whether you’re speaking of companionship, whether you’re speaking of supply, declare, “I have meat. I am the bread of life,” not I need bread, not I need companionship, not I need supply.

1958 How To Heal part1, Joel S. Goldsmith