1952 Honolulu Class Series One
Joel S. Goldsmith
13A Judging By Appearances-The Theater

In my writings I have called attention to the fact that mesmerism, hypnotic suggestion is really the one evil. And now I ask you to see that hypnotism is that which would make you look at person, place, thing, circumstance, and condition, and have you believe that the issues of life abide in these.

Whereas, spiritual intelligence, spiritual wisdom, spiritual intuition would have you say, and realize, and know: that person, place, thing, circumstance or conditions are the vehicles for the carrying out of the divine plan, for the unfoldment of the plan, and play as it has been understood in the mind which is God.
In this wise then, we will not look to any person for our satisfaction, for our companionship, for our supply, but rather will we understand, that whoever it is, at this moment, playing that part in our experience is really carrying out the divine activity of love and of life, and should these, for any reason, be removed, the author of the universe has already provided another player for that part.

Should we find any door of supply closed to us, we will understand that it is the activity of the mind of the author operating for the good of the entire play; therefore, that the same mind has in advance provided another source, another avenue or channel for us.

De-hypnotization consists of enjoying the visible scene, knowing that unseen to the senses, hidden from the eye is the divine source, the Infinite Invisible, the grand architect of the universe, the great author of the play of life.

Every unpleasant person or experience plays a part in our lives, but until the time comes that we have learned the lesson not to judge by appearances, not to remain happy or unhappy by the outer picture, but to enjoy every experience through which we go, enjoying the beauties of nature, enjoying the love of friends and relatives, but always with the Infinite Invisible in our consciousness as the source of this good.

Always remember when seeing beautiful scenery that it is the activity of the Infinite Invisible that is appearing to you as this beauty. Always remember when you meet loving and kind friends and associates, when you meet with experiences of justice, benevolence, that it is the Infinite Invisible, the activity of the divine mind that is appearing to you through these individuals, or as these individuals.

Whenever you meet with negative experiences, remember that these can only exist as the belief that the power lies within the person or circumstance, and as you correct this belief within you, and understand that no individual, and no circumstance, and no condition in or of itself has such power over you, in that proportion do you become free of the discords and inharmony.

You have the direct example of that in the experience of the Master where he tells Pilate that Pilate has no power over him except that it come from the Father. Here you have the recognition that power does not lie in man.

When these experiences of inharmony and discord appear, usually as some person, or through some person, it becomes necessary to know that only the lines and parts written in by the great author have power, and that any other part, or any other lines in the play, or any other action not placed there by the great author is not power, has no means of maintaining or sustaining itself, and can have no effect upon our experience.

So when some Pilate says, “I can do this or that to you,” or “I can give this or that to you,” or even, “I can withhold this or that from you,” always remember that there is only one “I” that can do these things, and that I is God, the activity of the great I that I am, the I that is God. Only such activity can be brought to your experience and to fruition.

No claim of an I, of a selfhood apart from God can maintain itself, can do anything, or be anything, or cause anything, nor can there be any effect from any I or any other selfhood other than that which is God.

Here is your reliance on spiritual government: the realization that the Infinite Invisible is the source of all harmony, all good. omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and that any thing or anybody, or any circumstance, or condition claiming to exist by virtue of an I or selfhood apart from God is not power, is not presence, is not reality, is not cause, and therefore, can produce no effect.

There need be no concern for any one, or any thing, or any result since all that takes place is for the showing forth of God, and it is God showing Itself forth, God revealing Its harmonies, Its powers, Its beauties and completeness. How can we doubt God’s ability? It is not our understanding, our power and wisdom that is necessary, but the knowledge that all effect is God’s responsibility, God’s government, God’s grace.

The only reason there ever is or ever was error in any form is due to the belief of an I other than God. This false sense of I with its need to support itself, supply itself, maintain itself, plan and do for itself, and not having the wisdom or power has produced every discord and inharmony. The restoration of harmony comes with the giving up of this false sense of I through the realization of God as the only selfhood, God as the life, principle, power, substance and being of all that is.
Hidden between the lines of this message is the secret of life, more especially the secret of The Infinite Way.

You will remember that Paul reminds us that to be carnally minded is death, because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then, they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

Now, instead of looking at our tree and trying to increase the fruit on the branches, instead of looking at our play in the theater and trying to change the action on stage, let us, in those two places and in our individual lives, take our thought away from the visible scene and retire into God, get back into the mind of God, get back deep down into God consciousness, then looking out from God, we behold this universe as it is.

Then we have Paul telling us, but ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now the moment that you take your thought off of your problem, the moment that you take your thought off of the problem of your patient, or of your student and retire back in God, be silent, be still, listen for that still, small voice until actually you feel a divine presence, or sense the Presence, or even hear the actual voice of God. Then you will know that the Spirit of God, the consciousness of the truth is coming into manifestation and expression, visibly.

You know, of course, that just as two times two are always four, and that we merely become aware of it, so let us remind ourselves that since harmony is the law of God, it is ever with us. It is our dwelling in the flesh that is putting power in effect, that is the living of the life of flesh that takes us out of the law of God and away from the experience of harmony, and so, it is getting back into God, looking out upon this world from the center of God consciousness that we behold that harmony already is.

We do not have to correct the action of the play. We do not have to hang fruit on the trees to get more fruit. We merely look out from Spirit and behold a spiritual universe, harmonious, complete, perfect, whole … well—spiritual.
This is Joel saying aloha from Honolulu.