Meditation 7 : All That The Father Has Is Mine

Of myself, I am nothing.
I am as a branch that is cut off from the tree and withereth.
Of my own self I can do nothing.
If I speak of myself I bear witness to a lie.

But in my relationship as child of God,
offspring of God,
I am of the Substance,
the same law,
the same life,
the same activity.

Otherwise, by the grace of God all that the Father hath is mine. I am heir with God, joint heir with Christ to all the heavenly riches.
Therefore, I embody and I embrace within myself immortality,
eternality, spirituality, integrity,
life itself,
the joy of living,
the peace that passeth understanding.
I embody these;
I embrace these within myself, and so do you.

This is the truth I  about my patient and about my student. God isn’t going to make you spiritual or whole. Thou art whole, for thou and thy Father are One, and all that the Father hath is thine. Do not pray for help. Acknowledge your Sonship and that by the grace of God all that the Father hath is thine, and you’ll awaken into harmony.

Joel S. Goldsmith, 1958, How To Heal part 1