Meditation 5:
Love is the Fulfilling of the Law

In this moment of spiritual communion,
I have no envy in my heart.
I have no desires in my heart.
No jealousy,
no greed,
no lust,
no animality.
I set this world free.
There’s nothing it has that I want.
Since I and the Father are one,
I receive my good by the grace of God.
And whatever good should flow into me and out from me,
I freely give to all, to every neighbor, friend, or foe.

Now, if you have purged yourself
to that extent and can honestly feel
that you have released anyone and everyone,
then you are ready for your prayers
to reach the center of your being,
because there is no obstruction.
Scripture tells us that love is the fulfilling of the law.
So, don’t try to get the law to operate
in the absence of love, and
Love means forgiveness.
Love means forbearance.
Love means to be inwardly clean;
clean of hate, jealousy, envy, malice, greed
all of these negative, minor qualities.

It may not be possible to go through an entire day
or night with some of these negative qualities creeping in on us.
That is why we have become human beings instead of
still being back in the Garden of Eden.

But, we can purge ourselves twice a day and three times a day
so that we can look every man and woman in the face
and say I have released you into the realization of your God being.

I know that you and the Father are one
and all that the Father hath is yours.