Day 4: Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

1958, How To Heal part 1, Joel S. Goldsmith

Meditation 4:
Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself

When you sit down to pray,
whether for yourself or others,
whether you are starting treatment for someone else,
always begin by getting still within and then consciously remembering

“I and my Father are one,”

and since this is a universal relationship, all men are one with God.
Therefore, all men are in the bosom of the Father
and no one, no one is separate or apart from God.
Not that all men realize this relationship,
but that isn’t your business what the other fellow realizes.

Your business is what you feel towards your neighbor

“love thy neighbor as thyself.”

How do you want to be loved?
You want to be forgiven for your sins.
There isn’t a person who doesn’t want complete forgiveness
for every sin or offense that they have ever committed.
Not one.
Not one of you wouldn’t gladly receive a divine light
saying to you that as of this moment,
though your sins were scarlet,
you are white as snow.
And that no offense, minor nature or major nature,
is being held against thee.
Henceforth, from now on, neither do I condemn thee.
Go and sin no more.
Wouldn’t you rejoice at that?
So will your neighbor,
who is your friend,
your relative,
your enemy.

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