1958, How To Heal part 1, Joel S. Goldsmith

Meditation 3:
Go Out and Make Peace With Your Brother

Your neighbor need not have the same experience as you,
and yet both of you may be having the same experience
of the same realization of the presence of God but felt,
experienced in different ways.
Pay no attention to how others feel the presence of God.
If Jesus says,

“It is the Father within me,”

and you can’t feel any Father in you,
then be satisfied that Jesus was explaining the presence of God as Father.
But, if St. Paul comes along and says that it is the Christ,

“I can do all things through the Christ in me,”

then let Paul have it as the Christ instead of as the Father.
He means the same thing. He’s using different terminology.

Now, with this in mind, I tell you one of the great laws of prayer
given to us by the man who knew more about prayer
than perhaps any individual of whom we have any record
and that is Christ Jesus.

When you pray, if you remember that you have aught against any man, get up.
Leave the altar.

“Go out and make peace with your brother”.

And then, return to the altar and offer your gifts.
You will find after experience that you will not have answers
to your prayers until you have purged yourself
of negative feelings toward anyone on the face of the earth,
that is, your neighbor or your brother.