Presented here are meditations derived from Joel’s talks “How to Heal” part 1 by
Joel S. Goldsmith in the year 1958. See YouTube video>>spirit-healing-thumb

We are preparing an ebook  with the title How to Heal: A Synopsis of the Principles and during the preparation it was given to distil the meditations.
Please use them to start your day or when you are having your quiet time. It is a beautiful way to extend the Love that you are.

I and my Father are One

“The truth about every man, woman, and child
that exists on the face of the globe, saint or sinner,
is that in our spiritual identity,

I and my Father are One.

There is not God and man.
There is not God and you.
There is God expressed individually as you and me.
God appears on earth as individual being.
The life, which is God, is your individual life.
The mind, which is God, is your mind.
The soul, which is God, is your soul.
The spirit of God is the spirit of man and even
your body is the temple of the living God.

I and my Father are One,
and the Father says,
“Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”
God is expressed as individual being,
and all that the Father hath is manifested right here”.